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I have been taking it 4 yrs. (6 drops a day). MMS o2 took off two skin cancer spots that developed from chemicals off my face, had them 19 years and MMS 02 took them away in 3 weeks, there 100% gone, it just ate the cancer away and left good behind.

A 53 year old woman driving east on Highway 23 had to pull onto the shoulder to avoid a collision, which caused her to lose control of her car. Her vehicle then crossed over the centerline and hit a car driven by a 41 year old St. Cloud man. Casey (D PA), Patrick J. Leahy (D VT). Each year, the Honorary Co Chairs of the program are the Vice President of the United States and the Senate Majority and Minority Leaders..

“Getting to go to SETC is a privilege, but it is also expensive. The proceeds from this benefit show will solely go toward the students who have worked hard, shown their talents, and earned the most prestigious theatre award in the state. In order for this show to benefit them, we need to fill the auditorium with an audience,” explained Davis..

(10) Lester Tanner, a Jewish American member of the Armed Forces also captured during the Battle of the Bulge, witnessed the incident and stated that, “There was no question in my mind, or that of Master Sergeant Edmonds, that the Germans were removing the Jewish prisoners from the general population at great risk to their survival. Army’s standing command to its ranking officers in POW camps is that you resist the enemy and care for the safety of your men to the greatest extent possible. Master Sergeant Edmonds, at the risk of his immediate death, defied the Germans with the unexpected consequences that the Jewish prisoners were saved”..

Basically, the argument is whether the punishment for a crime should be a deterrent. This idea with this type of sentencing is that fewer members of society will be tempted to go on and offend. The alternative is whether it’s best to focus on the rehabilitation of offenders so that they don’t return to crime once their sentence is over..

Adds Chief Grant, “Indeed the recognition is nice but it’s truly about continuous improvement at the RVFD. We just came out of two great courses that we were able to instruct in house with our own members. A 40 hour First Responder Course was over held two weekends and conducted by our Deputy Chief Fred Vigue.

If the project is a success, there could also be benefits for local hemp farmers. Once the project is complete, Hart Fibre will be able to develop hemp degum equipment, which will allow them to produce hemp like cotton. This will then in turn open them to more markets within the textile industry, added Ren..

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