Case Study #1: TierPoint

For our first case study, we’ll be analyzing TierPoint, which holds data centers across the United States. The TierPoint Dallas data center is one of it’s biggest and most popular. They also have locations in Baltimore, Seattle, Oklahoma City, Spokane, and Philadelphia. TierPoint is rapidly growing and acquiring large data centers across the U.S. are a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

But most importantly, how is their website?

Layout Grade: A

TierPoint just had a nice redesign and they site has dramatically increased its usability. It’s easy to navigate and find details about their business and services. Simplicity is often the best formula for a clean website and they have executed perfectly.

Visitors Grade: B +

According to Alexa rankings, TierPoint is the 290,383 most trafficked website in the world. One important factor to keep in mind, is that they are targeting a very small market and the site and their marketing strategy is not designed to attract the masses. They are targeted a very specific audience of small businesses. So, traffic numbers can be very situational. Could they have increase the amount of targeted visitors going to your website? Of course. There’s always room for improvement. Especially since their competitor, Equinix has an Alexa ranking of 73,992.

Content Grade: C

A “C” grade for content might be a little harsh, but I think there are some content issues. One thing they do really well is explain almost every detail about their business. HOWEVER, one critical thing that they should consider improving, is to focus more on educated their audience. If I was interested in cloud services or using a data center, I would have a laundry list of questions. I think at this point, they aren’t answering many possible questions that a client may have. In essence, they need to ramp up their client education and focus on getting more results in advance. A highly detailed and targeted blog would be perfect.

URL Grade: A

TierPoint is a perfect brand name. It’s easy to remember and it’s great for SEO purposes because it doesn’t have unnecessary keywords stuffed into it. They are actually trying to build a brand and that’s exactly what Google wants.

Personality Grade: B

There is no doubt that TierPoint is trying to be as professional as possible with their website and approach. That’s always a great strategy. But, being professional and being robotic or corporate are two entirely different things. In today’s world, people and businesses want to see a face behind whatever the company that they may be purchasing a product or service from. Marketing and sales has become more personal than ever and being too corporate or robotic with a business can actually be harmful. Every industry is different, but injecting some personality into a business can work wonders.

The Preview To The First Case Study

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