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Stanek visited with students, age kindergarten through fifth grade, at Cookson Elementary on Thursday to demonstrate the process of storytelling, and how a simple structure and basic rules can be used to benefit anyone looking to build their own tale.Stanek, who hails from the northwest Columbus area, published her first book, Pig and Miss Prudence, in 2008, and has been engaged in student assemblies since 2006.generally do about two assembly events per month, with the exception of May, in which I do about four, Stanek said. Want kids to know that they can do this if it something they choose to do. I am a cheerleader for reading, but also for writing, and to let kids know that it will get easier.

The increasing usage of homomorphic encryption in this context help to serve better services to citizens, improved interactions with business and industry, citizen empowerment and more efficient government management. Nowadays, the use of online banking system has been increasing drastically. The various government initiatives such as government schemes and transparency in the payment system majority of the population are motivated to have their own bank accounts.

On Saturday, the front will settle into Central Alabama and stall out; it sure looks most of the day Saturday will be dry with only isolated showers, while more widespread showers are expected south of the front. The sun could break out at times, and temperatures will rise into the upper 70s. This front will lift back north on Sunday, and it looks like most of the day Sunday will be dry with a few passing showers, the afternoon high will be well up in the 70s again..

Spoken like an economist, you might say. Well, yes, we economists do have a penchant for weighing costs and benefits, though by no means just dollars and cents costs and benefits (or dollars and nickels since we no longer have cents). Despite Edmund Burke (“the age of chivalry is gone, that of sophisters, economists and calculators has succeeded”) we’re also willing to consider, even if we can’t count, such things as reputation, self respect, morality and so on.

A parent called 911 reporting they saw someone go into the school in what they said looked like body armor. Police later learned the boy was wearing a Star Wars stormtrooper outfit.”Some people said there was a bomb threat, some people said he was wearing a suit and wasn supposed to, some said he had guns,” Leatherwood said.A photo of the costume has been reposted hundreds of times on social media, with some questioning the need for the large police response.But Capt. Jody Crocker with the Ashwaubenon Public Safety Department said Thursday the parent who called 911 did the right thing.”When you see something like this, an unknown person with a mask on walking into a school, we have to react to that.

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