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Brenda was raised in Cushing and attended school there until her and her family moved to Healdton in 1971, graduating Healdton High in 1975. She later attended the University of Oklahoma before marrying Jimmy Darling on June 25, 1977, at the Healdton First Baptist Church. She attended Murray State College School of Nursing graduating in 2007 as an RN.

There also Dottie Toffee, a confectionery that started in a small space in Downtown Spartanburg and recently moved to a larger, more visible downtown location to accommodate their rapid growth. There RJ Rockers, a popular local craft brewer that moved from outside the city limits to a renovated building on Main Street, and has since become one of our city must visit destinations. It sits between two other Spartanburg originals, Main Street Pub and one of Spartanburg top restaurants, Cribbs Kitchen..

Crews continue to arrive at this incident in preparation for this event. Helicopters and air tankers will be used when conditions allow to support suppression efforts. I am encouraged to read about the Oswego County Legislature’s opposition to the New York “SAFE” Act. The legislature confirmed that the people of Oswego County take the Second Amendment very seriously. However, Oswego County’s commitment toward appointing pistol licensing officers, who disallow law abiding citizens the right to bear arms by means of restricted carry pistol permits, can lead one to question the authenticity of our county recently proclaimed Second Amendment stance..

The Liberal government now is squeezed between a raft of expensive, ultra ambitious election promises on one side, and yes, a ballooning deficit on the other, which is not a boon but a problem. Mulcair’s caution, in retrospect, looks a bit like wisdom, born of experience. And isn’t that just what he said he offered?.

These hydrogenated oils are highly processed using harsh chemical solvents like hexane (a component of gasoline), high heat, pressure, have a metal catalyst added, and are then deodorized and bleached. A small of the solvent is allowed to remain in the finished oil. This has now become more of an industrial oil rather than a food oil, but somehow the FDA still allows the food manufacturers to put this crap in our food at huge quantities, even with the well documented health dangers..

>> reporter: like joe said earlier, the snow is quickly beginning to accumulate here in lafayette county, fortunately with the wintry weather in our no one thought area this morning we have drivi with the wintry weather in our area this morning we have team coverage. Bill hughes is set up in new albany this morning with a look at road i’m standing on right now. I met a roundabout off old taylor road, if you don ‘t know, oxford has several roundabouts within its city limits, another reason you should think otherwise before driving is because snow, icy roads and roundabouts can make with the wintry weather in our area this.

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