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14, 1998, at a University of Memphis conference Marcus garners analytical inspiration for his new book from pop artist Andy Warhol’s giant silk screen “Double Elvis,” a duplicated still image from the 1960 Elvis B movie “Flaming Star” of the rocker in cowboy garb, with his legs spread like a gunslinger’s and his pistol thrust forward. Warhol proudly presented “Double Elvis” as a gift to Bob Dylan, who was so unimpressed he traded it to his manager, Albert Grossman, for a used sofa. Today “Double Elvis” hangs in Pittsburgh’s Warhol Museum and is worth millions, while dozens of other artists have paid homage to the painting with their own double, triple and even quadruple Elvises..

Scene was shot at 4 in the morning and the director just kept filming and I just kept crying and crying. Stayed at the teen shelter for 3 weeks prior to starting this role. Soon as the filming started I stayed in character all the time even when I was at home.

You’ll know you’ve made the right choice when, twenty minutes after your purchase, the gear you’ve chosen still fits well and feels great on your body. Mixed martial arts is a sport that requires determination, dedication, strength and the power to overcome your opponent. If you’ve spent the right amount of time choosing quality MMA clothes, you won’t have to worry about being prepared for this kind of effort..

You know what else? In 1870, there were all of 800 people in Auburn, and not one of those people was an ancestor of mine, so even though I a fourth generation Auburnite, I don feel like I have the right to say to anyone, my family found this amazing place before you did, so finders keepers. Losers get out. Was a time when my ancestors moved here with their new fangled ideas and their lack of driving skills.

Peter was a member of the Royal Regina Golf and Country Club and spent many hours improving his golf game. He was a staunch supporter of Notre Dame College in Wilcox, SK and spent many happy hours cheering the Hounds Teams on. Peter and Rosemary moved to Kelowna in 2009 for their retirement..

The Ardmore City Commissioners met in a special meeting Thursday to consider an ordinance approving a gas franchise within the city limits with Oklahoma Natural Gas. The ordinance will give ONG the right to install, operate and maintain a distribution system within Ardmore city limits for a period of 25 years. The current agreement expires July 16..

Am confident that with the active support of parents, teachers, and principals, we can fight these cuts, de Blasio said later. Can) compel the mayor to recognize school funding as the priority it deserves to be. Foote, for one, is energized to fight on.

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