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Wtvas symone woolridge has been following this story she joins us live with the latest. A sad story. For all involved. Since 1964, the golfing public has enjoyed this Ron Kern designed course, carved out of the old Limberlost Swamp. Updated in 2009, new bent grass tees and fairways greet golfers, and they can take advantage of a 14 acre practice facility. Course record stands at 65.

In the first two years of life, kids learn a lot of very important things. The way your mum sang songs or your Dad hugged you has had a huge impact on the growth of your brain. You see, there are about 100 billion nerve cells in your brain which connect to each other as you experience the world..

Ray Krone was arrested for the sexual assault and brutal murder of a female bartender in Phoenix, Arizona in 1991. The case rested largely on bite mark evidence on the body of the victim, 36 year old Kim Ancona. Krone was dubbed by the media as the “snaggletooth killer.” He was found guilty and recieved the death penalty..

“If you look at a 20 year plan and you spend 30 million a year you can probably imagine $600 million being spent on that highway. We figure we have the scenic route far better than Highway One but we don’t want to piss off people on Highway One. We think it’s a nicer and better route to travel in all conditions in all seasons and with some major improvements can and should rival Highway One as the preferred choice for travelling across the province.”.

Bob HoffmasterBob NelsonWade BatesSports On AirKFIZ SportsKFIZ SportsFreezing rain, snow and temperatures hovering around the freezing mark contributed to an accident in which a 31 year old Eden woman and her three children were injured Monday night. Fond du Lac County Sheriff Captain Rick Olig says Alicia Granado was coming down a hill on County Highway H when the accident occurred. She hit the guardrail and her vehicle flipped over the guard rail ejecting her in the process.

Drive around, and pick an area, go down side roads just get out and explore. There’s so many little side roads, that unless you go down everyone of them, your probably gonna miss some things.”Sometimes, finding a subject can prove quite difficult.”Some of these houses are hard to find too. You drive around and spot one through the woods and you clamber down over the bank, and you say ‘how did people even get to this place?’ but you’ve got to be ready, you’ve got to have your sturdy boots on and be ready to do a bit of searching.A lone house in Loon Bay.

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