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I apologize for rambling, but the demolition of the Colony Theater brought many things to my mind of my youth in Hillsboro. Hillsboro was a big factor in my growing up and I appreciate how much it meant to me, and especially the Colony Theater. Sometimes all we need in life is a good start.

MINE BABY MINE!!!! Is nothern Minnesota the loccation of the next environmental disaster? Supporters of the Polmet/sulfide mine project say that northern minnesota needs the mining jobs, much like British Petroleum told the gulf coast, they also needed jobs that the oil industy would provide. But at what cost? We need to stop and ask, is this project safe for the environment? Just like BP,Polmet saying that there operation would be very safe, nothing can go wrong!! What is BP telling us now? What would Polymet tell our chilren later? This is not the jobs northern Minnesota needs!!!! Tell polymet to take their potenitial disaster and leave. Minnesota can not afford this type of job!.

The release said Andrew has had enriching experience since arriving at Transitions in 2015. In July 2016, he joined Lexington immensely popular band Flame as a vocalist after he was overheard singing in the hallway at Transitions. The group, which is made up of people with disabilities, has played on world stages, last traveling to Carpi, Italy, in May 2017 to perform at the 19th International Festival of Different Abilities..

The mine is believed to have almost 30 000 t of recoverable rare earth metals, and can also produce thorium indeed, it was origi nally operated by Anglo American from 1952 to 1963 as a thorium mine. The prop erty is permitted for mining until 2012 but the mining rights have to be converted from old order to new order and the application for this was submitted in April. The feasi bility study is currently being updated..

If you read the reports you will notice that the biologists were worried that BC Wildlife Federation Clubs in the Okanagan would not support the hunt. This point was made in Bob Lincoln’s Report on page 2 “A prime concern of these Federation members is that the deer resource not be over exploited. They have lobbied hard for very conservative harvest of deer”.

Observation Applicants are expected to have some knowledge of the occupational therapy profession. This can be acquired as volunteer work, observation hours and/or paid work in a professional occupational therapy setting. A minimum of 40 hours of observation is required prior to the application deadline.

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