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In 100 words or less, please outline the three most critical problems facing the public office you are seeking and the solutions you propose to address them. And Texas Constitutions in an environment where respect for constitutional limitations of government too often give way to political expedience. Virtually all problems fall under this category.

5 Hidden Photography Locations on Hatteras IslandOctober 30, 2015/in OBR Blog /by Alexa NAbundant wildlife, blue ocean waters, and vivid panoramic sunsetsmakeHatteras Island a popular destination for novice and professional photographers alike. And while these much loved photographic opportunities make for beautiful shots, there are some lesser known shooting locationsall over the Island. Our resident photographer, Dan Murphy, has discovered many of these hidden gems over the years.

Of the issues we finding with people is they come in and they need help navigating government systems, she said. Familiar with us, they familiar with this place it less institutional. The back yard, SVP also hopes to set up raised garden beds where vegetables can be grown and shared with clients..

Come on down to the greatest indoor flea market this month as we are sold out of vendor spaces and that means over 40 vendors to choose from. Lots of antiques, collectibles, jewelry, knives, art, goodies and so much more. Always fun at the market. By creating a record of employee hours, time clocks also serve a few other basic functions. They can automate and regulate overtime, insuring that overtime hours (which generally pay time and a half) are only used when necessary. They also make it easy for management to monitor employee tardiness, absenteeism, and other inefficient worker practices, such as extended lunches and multiple breaks.

The average number of fourth and fifth degree felony offenders that were sentenced to prison from this court over the past five years is 67 and the number for fiscal year 2017 was 61. If this average were to continue over the 17 month period of the grant, there would be approximately 95 offenders sentenced to prison. The goal of the grant is to reduce the number of prison commitments for fourth and fifth degree felony offenders to 75 over the grant period by utilizing grant funds to provide medically assisted treatment for opiate addiction in combination with existing treatment services available locally as well as treatment for other addictions..

Watch for watering woes: Overwatering, leading to root rot, is the leading cause of plant death. The general rule is, if the soil feels dry to inch below the surface, if the container itself feels lightweight and if it sounds hollow when you tap on it, it probably could use a drink. Water the soil until the water runs out the drainage hole(s) of the pot, but never let the plant sit in water.

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