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You want to talk about black popular music my brother said the other night that when you think of it, none of the other icons in black music were as inventive as James Brown, except maybe Ray Charles. And even Ray Charles was basically just taking gospel and Nat King Cole and kind of putting them together in a new way. He hadn’t really invented something new.

Joe’s new plan is to swipe a page from Barbie’s handbook, and open up a two front offensive. Mattel maintains separate Barbie lines one for collectors and one for children. Now, Hasbro is starting to do the same.The company is hoping to satisfy adult fans with highly realistic products like the Pearl Harbor Collection.

About 70 JCRs and 13 Canadian Rangers from six Hudson Bay, James Bay and Matawa First Nations communities participated in four days of training along with three Canadian Army staff at FWHP. In addition to the Star Walk and Life in a Wigwam sessions and trampoline park visit on Feb. 25, the JCRs also participated in GPS Scavenger Hunt, Muskets and Cannons, Traditional Craft and Night Sky Storytelling sessions on Feb.

The leather repair specialists answered every one of my questions about leather furniture dye and color restoration, and at the time of the appointment, which was just a few hours and was COMPLETED in only one afternoon, they completed all of the leather repairs. This leather sectional has probably never looked so good. The leather is completely restored, and I cannot even believe my eyes! The surface is smooth and flawless, the huge areas of fading and seams splitting that worried me the most are all totally invisible now.

Housing and Urban Development Department for agencies that receive their funding. ADVOCAP serves Fond du Lac, Winnebago and Green Lake Counties. Lu Scheer is the Affordable Housing Director for ADVOCAP. Always had a thirst for knowledge, a thirst that began early in her life, the time when her grandmother encouraged her to read. Although she does not lay claim to degrees and credentials, the desire for knowledge is evident through her involvement with teaching a very special group, the physically and mentally challenged in her church. She passed this knowledge to her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great great grandchildren..

The Mavs will finish their East coast trip against the Charlotte Bobcats Saturday in a back to back situation before heading back to Dallas. They will go into Charlotte with a seven game winning streak. The Mavs have now swept the season serious with the Celtics the first time ending their five game win streak..