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This is a beauty contest held every autumn in which the beauty of the spirit is celebrated. The pageant is multi ethnic, and city wide. You can register through any of the city recreation centers throughout the city. They had a blast. They got to meet their second cousins who are just a bit younger than they are but they all hung out and had serious fun. I sat around the fifth wheel talking with mom and dad and the constant stream of visitors that stopped by.

This striking SUV has a number of personalisation options. The exterior bi tone roof, standard on the Flair trim level and available in three colours can be complimented by one of the four exterior colour pack options, giving a total of 85 combinations. The C3 Aircross also features coloured light surrounds, plus special treatment for the door mirrors, wheel centre caps, rear quarter windows and roof bars..

But the job wasn without its challenges. As mayor, Krischke knew that decisions would have to be made that wouldn keep everyone happy. Are two sides to an issue, but you still have to make a decision although it difficult, you need to weigh all the different aspects and vote the way you actually believe will be best for the overall community, he explained..

THESE COUPLES FILED A LAWSUIT FIGHTING FOR MARRIAGE EQUALITY. MONDAY MORNING, THEY GOT IT. I WAS IMPRESSED WITH THE ROLLING. Guests are just a few short steps to the ocean via a private wooden walkway. The Hatteras area offers some of the best fishing and sun bathing on the East Coast. At Durant Station you enjoy a host of amenities including one of Hatteras Island largest private pools with an adjacent hot tub..

Of Johnstown was charged with prostitution and Charles W. , 64, of 7 Allen St. Was charged with third degree patronizing a prostitute by city police on Aug. This means that for the entire year, there were no rapes, murders, robberies, or assaults in this city.Even in the second least violent place, Evanston, there were at least 40 violent crimes per 100,000 people.3. WheatlandThis town in Platte County has that small town charm that only an underlying feeling of safety can bring about.There’s a good reason for that feeling, too. In 2012, Wheatland had only 1,902 crimes per 100,000 people, the sixth lowest in the state.

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