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The light bending power of black holes also presents a unique opportunity to observe the so called “shadow” of a black hole. Light near the event horizon of a black hole does not travel in a straight line, but instead takes on weird hyperbolic trajectories and can even achieve a stable orbit. Some of this light, which begins its journey traveling away from observers on Earth, can get twisted back around, warping in such a way that it takes a 180 degree turn.

“He took my cousin from us, and he won have a chance to come back and plead his case.”Williams can do that since, by law, he banned from contacting Givhan family.However, those who have come to know Rasberry Williams over the past 40 years say he more than made up for his past mistakes.Men who once served prison time with Williams told the parole board they credit him for helping turn their lives around.”By Rasberry believing in me at the time when I didn believe in myself, (he) has encouraged and strengthened me to be the man I am today,” said Ray Brown, who was formerly incarcerated with Williams.”He told me to pursue my education, which I did,” said Terry Sallis, who was also formerly incarcerated with Williams. “I got out, went back to school, I got my associate my bachelor my master degree from the University of Iowa, and I got my certification as a mental health therapist and drug counselor.”They feel Williams would have even greater mentoring opportunities as a free man.”It would be such a blessing, Governor Branstad, if you were to see fit to let Ras come back home to us, to live the rest of his life with us, and he be an asset to so many young men in Waterloo or any other young person that crosses his path, to encourage them like he has myself and so many others,” Brown said.In letters to the parole board, other inmates who know Rasberry Williams have said he once even helped save lives behind bars. During a prison fight, Williams stopped an inmate armed with a knife from trying to kill prison guards.Governor Branstad has the final decision on whether Williams will be released.

[Furlough] has been incredibly supportive. She told me not to be anxious and what I feeling is normal, Wright said. As a first time mom, I didn know what to expect or feel because it all new for me. MENTOR is working with its affiliates to build their capacity to provide the NQMS across the country. A cohort of affiliates will begin utilizing the online tool with programs in their service regions in 2017. The evaluation is funded by theWilliam T.