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They bring us dogs and cats on a regular basis and that come in as strays without any identification,” says director of the Chippewa County Human Association Jennifer Johnson.The Chippewa County Humane Association says it does its best to educate anyone adopting pets on how to take care of the animal.”Most of the time it falls on the owner, not the animal. It the training for the animal or how it was brought up,” says Johnson.One breed that gotten a bad rep in many cities is the pit bull, but Chippewa Falls understands they not the only breed to bite or fight.”The report that the city has is, it not just pit bulls that are biting. There other dogs that are biting,” says Hanke.”Unless they actually going to do the DNA testing and do all the behavior testing, you can say that all pit bulls are bad dogs or because it looks like a pit bull it a biter or a bad dog,” says Johnson.So the city is proposing digging into your dog past.If police or medical records show it has a history of biting, you could be required to purchase liability insurance for your pet.”If the animal has bitten usually you can have one bite and then it not covered,” says Johnson.”Hopefully, knowing that the owners of the property will have to pay extra for insurance because they have a dangerous animal on the premises may create a little more responsibility amongst animal owners,” says Hanke..

In a biography of Bob and Ray admirer Woody Allen, Eric Lax wrote that Elliott and Goulding thousands of perfectly oddball characters. They manipulated language the way Satchel Paige manipulated baseballs. Elaborate joke, put on during the early days of TV, pretended to offer phoney television antennas for sale to radio listeners who wanted to impress their neighbours..

Judging for the top awards took place in February, conducted by a nationwide panel of more than 30 engineers, architects, government representatives, media members, and academics. Awards criteria included uniqueness and originality, technical innovation, social and economic value, complexity, and success in enhancing the practice of engineering. All top award winners will be announced shortly before the Gala, except the Grand Conceptor Award winner is chosen from the eight Grand Award winners and only revealed the night of the Gala..

Roseanne undid the cords and we carried armfuls of cords, cable modem, security router, wireless router all to the house next door.Again within 15 minutes we were set up and ready to see if the camera would pick up the wireless router next door.I asked Roseanne to ask Mary to carry the wireless router out onto the step, to bring it closer to the client’s home. Mary did, still nothing, she came closer, to the bottom of the steps, still nothing she came as far as the cables would allow and YES I had a flash of an antenna on the camera telling me we had connection. But it kept flickering.I asked Roseanne to ask Mary to hold the wireless router up over her head, which she did and YES! There it was a solid green antenna.