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Almost every company, at one time or another, finds itself subject to the capriciousness of the markets, often resulting in a lower share price. Lately, the equity markets as a whole felt the capriciousness of the now infamous Brexit vote. The key question is what do you do when such situations arise? One answer is that you could try to use stop orders, which might enable you to sell out of a position at an acceptable price..

The Himalayan Times reports this is the first link up between a school in Nepal and the International Space Station (ISS). It will be a Telebridge contact via Tony Hutchison VK5ZAI in Australia and is scheduled for Wednesday, January 20 at 08:37:04 UT. The ISS should be in range of the Telebridge station for about 8 minutes..

In the doc, legendary talk show host Dick Cavett recalls having a conversation with Joplin, during which he asked her if she could assure him that she wasn’t doing heroin. Joplin’s haunting response always stuck with Cavett. She said, would care? Little Girl Blue doesn’t go into great detail about her death, because there isn’t that much detail on which to dwell.

People who use cell phones regularly, however, would be well advised to consider some form of protection. These days, there are a number of devices that can shield you from cell phone radiation while still allowing your phone to function at optimal capacity. Take some time to research the full range of options and to decide whether a phone shield makes sense for you..

The Conservatives politics of fear appears to be working. A recent IPSOS poll shows that two thirds of Canadians are in favour of an extension of the Canadian mission with just 34 percent opposed. A majority of supporters in each of the three main parties support the extension: A majority of Conservative (86%), Liberal (67%) and NDP (56%) voters support extending the current mission against ISIS, but only 38% of Bloc voters support an extension..

We are trying to treat people with respect.”Although Mayor Dawson Kohl and Ralph van Assen were absent from the meeting, council members assured the peace officers they do respect their job and they want to work with them to find a happy medium for policing.”I hope we can get past this and there is no animosity,” said coun. Kristie Gould.Council tabled the decision on the contract until all members of council were present.39/20 Alliance brought to councilCalmar Mayor Don Faulkner presented on the 39/20 Alliance to Warburg council at their most recent meeting, hoping the village will show their support of the project.Composed of the mayors of each member community, the alliance has served to allow a platform for joint action on projects of mutual interest between the municipalities, based on the principle of “strength in numbers.” Established midway through the 2000’s, the alliance has served as a rough, informal partnership, often used to lobby the provincial government for improved infrastructure in the region.”This will help establish some ground rules so we can operate as an organization, make plans and influence councils,” explained Faulkner.The village was asked to contribute $1,000 to the restructuring of the alliance, with Calmar contributing the bulk of the cost by giving $4,000, a decision recently made by their council.Some Warburg council members said their hopes is that this time the restructuring will show some results since the last meeting of the communities wasn’t as productive as they had hoped.”I think we should be able to work together as a team now like we did in the past,” said coun. Miller..

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