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“They should have access to good health care to deal with the fallout of having been exposed to mercury,” says the Nickel Belt MPP. “And (the provincial government) should also come to the plate and clean the river. We know it has to be cleaned; it will have to be cleaned at some point.

The KKK has been in the news this year, both locally and nationally. Locally, a Gloversville man in February was charged with peddling without a permit after he left fliers with Klan imagery around parts of Fort Plain. By August, plenty of fliers featuring imagery of the KKK were found more frequently in the city of Gloversville, some attached to bags of kitty litter thrown on people lawns..

3. With a gospel and inspirational music night on the courthouse lawn. Don forget lawn chairs. Items related to the operation of the town.”While he was introducing himself to councillors, Scannell talked about bylaws to do with noise, metered parking and electronic voting as ones he’ll be working on.As for what attracted him to the position, Scannell noted it’s, in large part, being back in Antigonish.”I just really like the town,” he said.”I think that was the big draw because, like I said, I was doing comparable work in Colchester and when the opportunity came up with the town I couldn’t pass it up. Plus my fiance is from here, I have some friends who are here, some family connections now.”His family connections are strong at StFX as well.”Actually my older sister went here, I went here and my younger brother went here I have another sister but she went to school in the States,” he said.”At one point, it was my sister who graduated in 2006, I graduated in 2008 and my brother in 2010, and it’s interesting too because my sister is coming back to teach at the university for a term it will be nice to have her around.”In talking more about his education, Scannell noted he graduated with an honours degree in political science from StFX and then attended Dalhousie University to do his Master’s.He noted his time with ARDA as being beneficial to his current role.”Tourism correspondent,” he said of that job title.”Basically the job was working with the communications officer to make YouTube videos related to tourism attraction and different events people could go to around the town and county.”Working for ARDA I really started appreciating what was here. There is such a broad range of things that happen here given its size, it definitely punches above its weight.”.

I still have a score to settle with that damned monkey! It yanked my hair soPH Dad on Concord Sesquicentennial Committee Wants Your Ideas For Time Capsule ItemsBrilliant!Pole cat on Claycord Online Museum Take an Excursion to the Beautiful Mount Diablo Country (1922)Thanks for the stories and links, everybody! I’ve long been fascinated by the legendary, lost tunnels of the Oakland hills.WC resident on Pleasant Hill Police Investigate Armed Robbery at Credit UnionI recall reading about a bank robbery at one of those places with a wall of bullet proof glass. It turns out that the wallShelterRez on Pleasant Hill Police Investigate Armed Robbery at Credit UnionLots of armed robberies since America was made great againCup of Joe on Pleasant Hill Police Investigate Armed Robbery at Credit UnionPoint a gun at a teller thru bullet proof glass would only get a laugh from the teller, of course it would prevent a robbery.Dr Jellyfinger on Claycord Talk About PoliticsWho cares about Trump’s sex scandals? I doubt Melania even cares about it. You know what Melania see’s in Donald Trump? Ten billion dollars andDr Jellyfinger on Claycord Talk About PoliticsGood! Then I can count on none of you bringing that up!.

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