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Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Chemistry, or Business. At least 5 years of B2B sales experience in industrial consumable products. Experience in Metalworking Fluids/Lubricants or Chemical industries highly desired. “Last year, we lost four or five games, and in every one of them we were winning at halftime. That comes down to fitness and mental toughness and that’s something we’re addressing. This is a team that will get better with our younger players, and I expect we’ll be in the hunt for a national championship.”.

305, according to the Portage County Sheriff’s Office.Bryson J. Frantz, 18, of Berlin Center, was arrested April 30 and charged with aggravated trafficking in drugs, a fourth degree felony. Frantz allegedly sol or offered to sell the painkiller oxycodone in the 7700 block of Newton Falls Road, according to the Portage County Sheriff’s Office..

In its 1907 decision, the Court recognized for the first time the sovereign right of individual states to protect their natural resources from trans border pollution. In history at the University of Georgia. I entered the program with a background in law, and gained new insights through Paul Sutter’s stimulating course in environmental history,” he says.

The second game of the weekend had Janes Worldwide Travel taking on Coldwell Banker. Shelby Lomness opened the scoring for Coldwell right off the bat, just 30 seconds into the game. Curtis Unland tied the game up with a goal just minutes later, but Coldwell scored two straight thanks to Lomness and Clink Dyck, putting Coldwell up 3 1 after the first frame..

The 2017 aerial moose survey estimate of 3,710 moose in the northeastern part of the state is statistically unchanged from last year’s estimate of 4,020. There is inherent uncertainty associated with survey estimates, because researchers will never see and count all of the animals being surveyed across the vast landscape. Statistically, the DNR is 90 percent certain that the population estimate is between 3,010 and 4,710 moose..

“We want to provide exposure for the kids coming from the north. You can see golf on TV but to make the connection to play golf and pick up a club is different. It’s a game that once you learn, you can pick up and play whenever you want and they’ll be able to play it their whole lives,” Drake said..

The Sandy Lake patrol is an outstanding success, he said, because it has a good Canadian Army instructor making regular training visits and a good Ranger master corporal from the local Canadian Ranger patrol. The master corporal runs the Junior Ranger patrol with the backing of a lot of supportive Canadian Rangers. In addition, the local chief and council provide support, giving the Junior Rangers free space in the high school for indoor meetings, and by setting aside a parcel of land about 10 kilometres outside the community for a shooting range and outdoor training site..

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