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Aboard the Bennington Silence and despair. Suddenly the loud speaker’s sounded and the Chaplain began a prayer. When he finished as suddenly as the fog had appeared it disappeared. My uncle knew well all that had befallen, for he had seen the battle with his own eyes from a hill top some way off, and had already written it down in the chronicles of the realm. He guessed well the sore strait the king was in, for he knew that he truly loved the virtuous Igerna, and had done all this wrong in the hope to have her for his wife. But my uncle Bleise was sick at this time, and could not travel so far to speak counsel to the king; for he lived in Northumberland, by Humber Bank, and the king held court at Caerleon on Usk..

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(We mean being honest, not smoking crack in a drunken stupor.) (Although really, how much worse would that be?)But before we look ahead to next year, let’s take one last look back at the fiasco that was 2013, starting with . 21, 2013. This particular crisis is a cliff caused by the fact that for years the government has been spending spectacular quantities of money that it does not have, which has resulted in a mess that nobody could possibly have foreseen unless that person had a higher level of financial awareness than a cucumber.

These days people have these little dogs that they take everywhere and think they can take them in to whatever place they are going. My friend owns a Hair Salon and had to post on her window at the door that Dogs were the only dogs allowed in her salon because some of the older clentele would bring their yapper dogs into the salon and they would bother her other clients. First off, what if someone is allergic to dogs.

An eclectic list to be sure, but the 28 year old polymath has managed to do all of the above. In 2007, he ran for mayor of his hometown of Bexley, Ohio, and three years later ran for Congress in Ohio’s 12th District. He’s produced movies, campaign commercials and Internet videos, and has performed stand up comedy around the country.

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