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Going from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One feels a bit like moving into a new house it takes a while to figure out where everything is and to stop opening the linen closet door when you actually wanted the bathroom. One of the most novel new features of the Xbox One is Snap, which lets you play a game, watch a movie, browse the Internet and so on while having a second app in a vertical window that takes up about 1/4 of the screen. It feels a bit like a gimmick that no one asked for in a game console, but it can have practical uses, such as playing a game in the main window while having Internet Explorer open to a FAQ in the other, or, if you really rude, being on a Skype video call while watching Netflix in a second window.

Norma Helen Weems, of Tulsa, OK, died September 30, 2004, at the age of 82. After battling a long illness with cancer, she passed away peacefully with her family by her side, and now is in the care of the Lord she loved so much. Memorial Park Cemetery located at 13400 N.

The province also garnered several industry nominations. The popular Lawnya Vawnya festival is up for Event of the Year, Rock Eden is nominated for Media Outlet, Chris Kirby for Producer, and The Ship Pub for Venue. There are two people nominated for Graphic/Media Artist of the Year: Jud Haynes and Krista Power..

Also have to weigh what the community has asked me to do, not just go strictly by this committee.A subcommittee was formed, interviewed the five applicants, and gave its recommendation. In closed sessions on Jan. 30, the supervisors interviewed Kolacia, Baldridge and attorney Charles Kenville in person before voting to offer the appointment to Kolacia on Feb.

I notice that most of the people opposed to land mines seem to be from smug little democracies with no responsibility for defending the free world from aggression. They are not, for example, sitting on the DMZ in Korea, awaiting attack from a fanatical million man North Korean army eager to do the bidding of the Dear Leader. I suspect that if they were part of the American trip wire on the DMZ they would have a more appreciative view of land mines..

Dryden buried the English River Miners on the opening night Friday with three goals in the first period. Jacen Bracko scored the first goal of the season and Eric Stout made his name known with two markers in the first period to put the Ice Dogs up 3 0 and end Miners’ goalie Spencer Eschyschyn’s night after thirteen minutes of ice time. He would be replaced by Michael Lenko in net..

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