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Plus, at least 15%of every entry will be donated to theNational Eating Disorders Association. We are in no way affiliated with this charity, we like to choose a different charity for each of our races and are happy to raise funds for them. WHAT IS A VIRTUAL RACE? A virtual race is a race that can be run (or walked) from any location you choose.

Dr. Rogers research is beneficial to the public in ways apparently incomprehensible to the DNR and Mr. Landwehr and yes it is popular, very popular. Think of it: bird turds, big cat scat, doo doo from the greater kudu, and maybe one damn huge steaming dollop from Dahlip, the approximately 40 year old Asian elephant. Based on a book by Dr. Wayne Lynch called The Scoop on Poop, this 5000 square foot traveling exhibit made perfect scents to garner youngsters’ interest in animals nothing like poop to pique the curiosity of kids.

Morrison has been doing these smaller gigs for a year or so now, in and around Ireland and the UK, and they apparently suiting him quite well. He says he performing his work “as it was meant to be heard,” and tonight seemed quite comfortable and at ease with both the band and the audience. He interacted with band members, rather than just calling the tunes and pointing for solos.

Natalie Romeo tied her own school record with eight threes against Wisconsin (Jan. 27). It marked the school record seventh time in 45 career games that Romeo has hit six or more threes, including the fourth time this season. In the win against the Squires, Robert Young led the team in scoring with a three point night (2 goals, 1 assist). Brett Lafreniere also scored twice on the night for the Oil Kings. Four of the six goals were scored on the powerplay for Leduc.

BREATH IN DEEPLY Sea air is good for you right? Unfortunately, exhaust gases from cruise ships in the Mediterranean are harming human health and the environment. This week, a wide alliance of e NGOs including our partners BirdLife Malta, NABU (Germany) and HOS (Greece) adopted the ‘Rome Declaration’ to designate the Mediterranean Sea as an Emission Control Area (ECA). Read more.

Or noticed something just wasn’t right. “i just started coughing coughing and my husband started sneezing.” josephina says sherealized she started to get sickfromthe fumes coming fromher fireplace. “the white chalky stuff you see here coming off gets into peoples homes gets all in their house you can see it on their burners and actually it’s not good for peoples respiratory systems.

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