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“Women across the country unite and tell Senator Marco Rubio, who is introducing a comparable bill to the House bill in the Senate, that if he wants to make decisions about my uterus and my reproductive life, he gets to make all the decisions about my life. You don’t get to cherry pick,” the event’s organizers explained on Facebook. Ah, snark.

Bob HoffmasterBob NelsonWade BatesSports On AirKFIZ SportsKFIZ SportsState Assembly Minority Leader Gordon Hintz says Governor Walker boast in the State of the State Address about a historic investment of an $11.5 billion in K 12 education comes on the heels of six lean years for public education. Hintz notes in last year budget, the last year before an election year, the Governor increased funding substantially in the K 12 budget. Hintz says, it is important to note that even with last year increase funding for Wisconsin K 12 schools is still below what it was 10 years ago when you consider inflation.

It is important to eat foods that are high in fiber and calcium. It is also recommended to cut back on your fat and carbohydrate intake. Carbohydrates can turn insulin into androgen testosterone. Is critical to have a warming center in place and in preparation for severe cold weather as the winter season quickly approaches, said Hein. Warming center will be available to everyone in the entire county would finds themselves without shelter. There is a need in our community we want to help, and the warming center is just one way we can help those in need, said Rev.

Instead of scrambling around looking through a phone book or trying to find that piece of paper where I jotted down a number quickly, within seconds I can load up my phone book software and my PIM organizer program has the list of all my contacts. Personal address book software is great for searching for a specific number. Your phone book can’t do that!.

Tower added two in the second and Bonaparte and Kennedy rounded out the scoring in the third. Harry Levatte fired a powerplay goal for the Tradesmen. Lambke contributed four assists in the game with Timmons chipping in with three and MacEachern adding a pair.

Many 3 Series buyers made the practical choice when they bought their 325 sedan instead of indulging in the vicious M3 coupe. The sedan is a great performer in its own right, but its capable chassis calls out for more power. If you want to you’re your 325 to higher performance capabilities, consider a bolt on supercharger kit..

“Muhammad has always been a mentor to me, his family, friends, fans, and countless numbers of individuals around the world for many decades,” said Lonnie Ali, widow of Muhammad Ali. “Mentors are specialgifts to the world. They encourage, motivate, reinforce, and guide others to reach their ownindividual greatness.

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