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By Don Logana bio emailAs WTOC first reported two weeks ago, the proposal, called Smoke Free Savannah, will ban smoking in bars, restaurants and any other business. It also bans smoking within 20 feet of any business entrance, plus smoking in any outdoor seating area at a restaurant.While many think a smoke free Savannah is long overdue, the question is where do the smokers go? Some fear smokers will head to the squares, defeating the purpose of a smoke free environment.James Pringle is a Wright Square fixture, where he sits and sells palm flowers, blows his whistle and sings about everything, including not smoking.”Smoke gets in your clothes. I hope they could take that taste out their mouth.

Perhaps you should apply to be a police officer? They seem to be looking for people just like you. I consider a duty of being an American citizen to be concerned about the rights of others, even when they have harmed me in some way. A tear to my eye.

She then found Troy when Harold Foss was looking for a partner in his practice. With the seasonal changes and no friends at the time, she wasn sure she would acclimate to the area, she said. But she agreed to come for a year or so, and see how things went.

The in fighting amongst the clans on “Dynasty” and “Dallas”. The designer jeans. The yuppies. The grants were available to registered animal charities, municipalities, veterinarians, First Nation’s governments and tribal councils and the SPCA’s own branches. Municipalities fund low cost spay/neuter. Does yours?.

Bob HoffmasterBob NelsonWade BatesSports On AirKFIZ SportsKFIZ SportsThe 78 year old Mayville man killed in a Fond du Lac County traffic accident is a former fire chief for the City of Mayville. The Mayville Fire Department expressed their condolences for Lynn Cundy in a Facebook post Thursday. In the post they say, though our hearts are very heavy at this time, we are very proud to have had him on the department for many years.

Hello current and incoming Utes Players and Parents: I wanted to send you all a note to let you know what is going on with our program at Utah. You have probably come across some articles or messages on Social Media so now that rumors are spreading I want to get the actual information to you all. Please keep this confidential until we release a formal statement tomorrow..

This course will be valuable in that it will teach me how to communicate in both form and informal settings. In the future, should I own and operate my own business for technology, I will need to be well versed in proper communication and be able to make sound and ethical judgments. It will provide the skills necessary to communicate with business leaders in an educated business community..

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