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Jan Wall, Lincoln Northeast, 1958 A standout pitcher and basketball player at Nebraska, he struck out 121 batters in 103 innings and had an ERA of 0.98 while pitching for Northeast. The Lincoln Journal Star’s athlete of the year in 1958, he was a two time all state basketball player and an All American as a senior. In 1983, he was listed as one of the top 10 basketball players in the state, outside of Omaha, during his era.

We worked our asses off, because there was no other way to do it. I ve never worked so hard in my life! And I ve given birth to three children! It was like a mountain to climb, every single day. And we discovered that the only way to climb it was holding hands, whether we liked it or not.

I have great respect for law enforcement because they do things that us regular civilians don want to do but I think they can do better with their time.I willing to sit through a 10 min. Checkpoint if it gets drunk drivers off the road. I don care if it one, 100 or 1,000 drunks.

Ray Schulmeyer: We picked U 13 for a couple reasons one, because it’s the last pure age group. Once you get to U 15, some are playing in high school. U 13 lacrosse players are very skilled, but they are still kids. If there are three thousand people living here then each person living in Ely would get $160.00 in Ely bucks to spend as they see fit. Nobody would be able to make a mortgage payment or take a long vacation, but I bet a lot of local merchants would love to see three thousand people strutting the streets of town with a fist full of Ely Bucks. We pay the money once a year each March when the town needs as much stimulating as it can get, and we do this each and every year.

We end the week with the wintry wtva’s mike russell has been weather mix and a working his way around town all bag in terms of the way this weather affected folks in tupelo day and joins us live with more. That’s exactly right. Today. “We had a meeting with Bob Nault (MP) back in September and after that it really took off. It really got moving. Whether it just got lost in the shuffle, or we had heard at one point it may have been the instability around the refugee camp.

Dirt Devil vacuum bags come in enough styles to accommodate almost any household vacuum cleaner on the current market. Dirt Devil has become almost synonymous with hand held and compact vacuum cleaners. However, they offer a variety of upright models, as well.

Moliere’s partners in the venture were Jimmie Woods, president of Metro Disposal, which as one of the city’s three main trash collection vendors is slated to earn $7.8 million next year; and Ray Valdes, who played a key role in arranging a city contract with Johnson Controls Inc., the focus of a sprawling federal probe into the Morial administration. Moore’s guilty plea was related to kickbacks paid out of that contract. Services, which was founded by Moliere, currently holds three contracts at the city owned Louis Armstrong International Airport, spokeswoman Michelle Wilcut said..

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