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Had he not taken ownership of this in the appropriations cycles, we would not be here today. I know we were together in meetings in other parts of the world where he took leadership of this. I cannot thank him enough because this surely would not have happened without his leadership..

I don believe anyone here is blaming the victim to say it the fault of a young woman for going downtown, or to a house party and getting unreasonably drunk and then subsequently getting taken advantage of is of course ridiculous. It the fault of the aggressor, however there is something to be said for being responsible for your own safety and not partaking in needlessly reckless activities. It about looking out for and taking care of yourself, no matter the activity no matter the gender.

2 pairs of concerned eyes followed by silence. My pelvic exam was followed by very opposite words: blood, concerned, inflammation, more guaze swabs. And just like that the dominos fell and I lost control. My name is Paige Ponton, I am 17 years old, and I have lived in Dryden my entire life. I am representing the Vermilion Bay Lions Club. I am in grade 12 at Dryden High School.

Luke Gaydos, D, Ridgefield, Conn. Gaydos has serious spring in his step. He’s wiring and aggressive. While none of their earnings were higher than Benedetto most were comparable.The CAO of Spruce Grove made a base salary of $200,000 in 2012 as well as $39,361 in performance bonus and vacation payout. Spruce Grove has a population of 26,171, according to 2011 Statistics Canada data.In Airdrie, which has a population of 42,564, the CAO earned a base salary of $189,540 and $30,880 in benefits in 2012.The city of St. Albert, which has a population of 61,466, paid their CAO a base salary of $200,785 in 2012 with benefits of $28,349, which included a moving allowance.seems that when paying public servants in Alberta, money is no object and people have not complained enough, said Jim Lightbody, a political science professor at the University of Alberta.is a failure of the city councils to control spending, he said of Alberta CAOs salaries.In 2011 Benedetto earned $288,042 in salary and an additional $76,346 in vacation pay for total compensation of $364,388.

The best way to protect your personal assets from this “lawsuit crazy world” is by forming a legal entity separate from yourself. This can be a Corporation, Limited Liability Company, Limited Partnership or some combination thereof. However, you must keep in mind that in order for an entity to give you the protection you need, it must be set up and operated properly, and the type of entity or entities must fit your particular situation.

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