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“Denying access to the park during this controversial publicly funded wildlife slaughter campaign is very similar to the intent of Ag Gag laws,” said ALDF Executive Director Stephen Wells. “Such laws ‘gag’ would be whistleblowers, journalists and activists by making it illegal to record and disseminate photos or footage taken in agricultural operations. ALDF has successfully proven Ag Gag laws are unconstitutional under the First Amendment and we are confident we will do the same in this case.” The coalition of law professors, non profit lawyers, and private attorneys are joined by a team of top law students at the University of Denver, and they are all eager to aggressively litigate the free speech rights of journalists seeking to document the trapping of bison within national park lands..

So what are these high yield strengths all the manufactured are marketing. Yield strength is the bend stress that the material reaches and “yields” or goes plastic, or permanently deforms. So if all shaft have the same dimensions and more importantly same wall thickness, the higher yielding or “stronger” material would required the most force to bend..

I don’t believe this is a conscious problem. After all, they are still piling up wins and points, and at the end of the day the results are difficult to argue with. The Canucks now possess the best record in the entire NHL in the last ten games, at 7 1 2.

We gotta stop the run. We can’t go out and let him bake pizzas back there. If we do that it’s gonna be a long back for the back end.’ there’s a look at sports, we’re back. Statistics show many rural BC communities have been in decline for the past 30 years. Can this rural decline be reversed? Directors of the three BC Interior Beetle Action Coalitions believe it can. Their recently released position paper, “The Pathway to Prosperity in British Columbia runs through its Rural Place”, is a long term strategy for rural development, identifies 20 recommendations and steps to what they believe are necessary to reversing the tide of this decline..

Men actually do more stupid things on bikes than women do, including riding drunk. Women take less risks than male riders do. Just because she was a girl, you assume she can ride?? I have been riding for years, and I more comfortable on two wheels than four.

The range of wellness products includes supplements created to fight the negative effects of free radicals, environmental pollution, unhealthy fats, aging and many other factors. Calcium, magnesium and Vitamin D are the common active ingredients in supplements developed to protect bone health and prevent osteoporosis. Menopause is often associated with symptoms including hot flashes, dizziness, thinning hair and slowed metabolism.

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