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22 on the misdemeanor charges. The convictions, following a seven day trial at the Historic Courthouse in Auburn, carry a possible sentence of up to a year in county jail.Attorney John Duree, Jr., representing Hassan, told the jury during closing arguments Thursday that the case was largely about the credibility of CHP officer Patrick Cooney, 40, who arrested Hassan after the traffic stop as the doctor drove home from a Sacramento Kings game.Cooney testified that after he stopped Hassan for going 70 mph in his Jaguar, the doctor was belligerent, tried to grab his badge, swung at him and ? when handcuffed ? slammed into him. Cooney said he remains uncertain to this day why Hassan, who sustained five fractured ribs and a concussion, behaved as he did.Juror Bob Bowman said the jury believed the highway patrol officer.?His testimony was clear, concise and consistent,? Roseville resident Bowman, 55, said of Cooney.

In about 15 minutes the kid started feeling better. He wanted to leave the hospital because he thought he was going to get in trouble. His mom tried to stop him, but the boy walked away. Crocheting believed to be in existence right from 18 Th century onwards. 15 Th century onwards]. Crocheting was not gaining popularity till 18 Th century because it needed more thread to create the fabric compared with the techniques like sprang nalbinding and knitting that were popular at that time.

Two weeks ago in Chelsea, a man with a two way radio clipped to his shirt ordered pedestrians to put their hands on a wall and give him their wallets. Then he grabbed their cash, dumped the wallets, and drove away. Working with another man who had a badge hanging around his neck, the two robbed five people, Central American immigrants they believed would be too fearful to report the crimes, police say..

You can’t even turn the television on these days without seeing some pro skater on his own television show. All the main sitcoms and dramas have characters that look like skaters or dress in urban clothing. Get your clothing while the trend is still popular so you can cash in on this great time..

WASHINGTON (AP) The Trump administration is issuing a fresh threat to withhold or revoke law enforcement grant money from communities that refuse to cooperate with federal efforts to find and deport immigrants in the country illegally.Attorney General Jeff Sessions announcement Monday combined two issues at the fore of the promised crackdown on so called sanctuary cities. He also condemned cities that refuse to honor immigration detainer requests, which is not a requirement of the law Sessions cited.Sessions offered few details about how the Justice Department will determine which cities are out of compliance and what steps it will take to strip them of funds.A look at the issue and what could happen next:Yes and no. Sessions did not announce a new policy but acknowledged he was clarifying one issued in the final months of the Obama administration.

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