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“Ozone is basically oxygen in a highly excited state,” Denis said. “When it’s in that excited state, it’s actively seeking something to merge with and be stable. It will try and merge with bacteria cells, but it can’t do that so it destroys the cells.

On Thursday, protesters at Penn each held a sign corresponding to one of the 371 mass shootings that have taken place on American soil since Jan. 1, 2017. The protest came from Penn students, inspired by the activism of students who survived the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida..

Her daughter, Catina Salarno was killed at the University of the Pacific in Stockton in 1979. On the eve of her first day of classes, Catina and Steven J. Burns met on a dark corner of Pacific’s campus, where Burns pulled a gun and fired a bullet into the back of Catina Salarno’s head.

Write it anyway. I promise I’ll respect you in the morning. It wants all 1.3 billion of its citizens to speak perfect English and get high exam scores, right now! It gives them a workplace, a living place, utilities and a few amenities, immediately.

Hannah Wants. With Pirate Stereo, Santiago Caballero, and Flynn Nolan. Presented by Slap Tickle. The StateAlachua County schools have an equity problem, The Independent Florida Alligator, David Hoffman the past three years, Alachua County has had the largest achievement gap between white and black students on state exams across all 67 Florida counties, a Florida Department of Education information portal reveals. Alachua County black students significantly underperform compared to its white students across all four subjects of the Florida Standard Assessment, an end of the year exam required for third through 10th graders. Hansen is the first white person to represent District 3 on the school board in more than three decades.

He was very athletic and competitive. Many stories can be shared about his sportsmanship, the journeys and adventures he was a key part of. Lots of good times! Or, “Crazy Ray” times! But, most importantly, Ray was a family man who believed in working hard to provide and care for his loved ones whom he took pride in.

“And so, isn’t a bench such a fine way to honour my dad. A person who would absolutely bring you a bit of comfort when you needed it. Who would have supported you and held you up when you needed a bit of help. The DNR’s goal for wolf management, as outlined in the state’s wolf management plan, is to ensure the long term survival of wolves in Minnesota while addressing wolf human conflicts. Minnesota currently has no direct management responsibility for wolves now because a federal district court ruling in December 2014 returned Minnesota’s wolves to the federal list of threatened species. Fish Wildlife Service manages all animals on that list..

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