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The Oriental Movement in Paris began in 1910 by Paul Poiret, a famous French fashion designer. Pioret introduced an Oriental style in clothing, furnishings and perfumes. Women, who longed to wear the gowns he designed, but could not afford them, could still wear his perfume.

Nationally it was a night of change, but Leduc and area’s federal representation will remain Conservative blue after the Conservative Party’s Mike Lake ran away with the local race in Monday’s federal election.With all polls reporting in the new riding of Edmonton Wetaskiwin, Lake crushed his opposition with 44,941 votes, a strong majority of 65.7 per cent of the vote. Liberal candidate Jacqueline Biollo came in a distant second with 14,660 votes, followed by the NDP’s Fritz Bitz with 6,646. Green candidate Joy Hut collected 1,595 votes and Libertarian Brayden Whitlock brought up the rear with 515.Lake previously served as MP for the now dissolved riding of Edmonton Mill Woods Beaumont since 2006, following a career in the Edmonton Oilers organization as director of ticket sales.

So many great senators here this morning. So very very important to all of us. Beautiful people. At the time, her “best cousin” had lost her mom to cancer. Then when Jillmee found out her grandfather had cancer her daughter agreed to do it with her. Sadly, Jill mee’s grandfather passed away in April.

Isabelle Bourne, the student representative to the board, said the school has collected about 1,100 gifts and around $1,000 in donations for the Hillsboro to Houston Holiday Gift Drive, a program that intends to deliver a caravan of Christmas gifts to students at Evan E. Worthing High School in Houston just after Christmas. The Houston, Texas school was ravaged by Hurricane Harvey and the program goal is to assure that every student in Worthing High receives at least one Christmas gift this year..

In my eyes this is as cool as anything Hitler or Stalin did. How have we become so hardened and callous. There actually a growing movement out there of people that support abortion all the way up to to the point of birth. If you have large video files to use in Canvas (or any other learning management system), ideally you do not include such files in Canvas directly. Doing so wouldcreate issues when you copy and back up your courses for future semesters. There is no easy way to replace or remove your videoslater on as Canvas videos are handled through a third party tool.

It appeared that the Lakers had tied the game up again in the final minute when Turner Evans took a pass from Adam Jones on almost the exact same spot at the opposite end of the floor from where McCready had scored and tucked it behind Alexis Buque and across the goal line. The referee signalled neither a goal nor any other call, though. The ball bounced out of the net and into the crease then rolled back over the goal line, but by then a Peterborough player was clearly in the crease and play was blown dead and possession awarded to the Salmonbellies..

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