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It is in your best interest to hire an employment attorney as soon as you receive notice that an investigation concerning possible discrimination at your workplace is underway. An experienced lawyer will assist you in the important process of being fully compliant with the request for materials. Your attorney also will be your advocate in presenting the best possible argument in your defense and ensure that all relevant state and federal laws are being applied on your behalf.

Have had extensive discussion and due process in determining our new town manager We can wait to bring opportunity and new vision to Thorsby with Jason at the table. Likewise said that he was excited about his new position. His wife and two children were not present at the meeting, but Gariepy said that they are still together and intend to move to Thorsby in the near future..

Would like to have the opportunity to offer beer and wine to their existing customers, Wright said. They have applied for their license, there are no plans to move forward with the service at this time, but again would like to reserve the ability to do so. Said this change will not only benefit Palladio, but also the city of Folsom long term..

But we do not have to stand by and shake our heads. We can take a stand for order, for public safety and for our freedom. Do something? I just gave us a list. BFPC has supported Rise Against Hunger since 2014. Last year, Broadalbin Perth partnered with BFPC for the first time, organizing an event at which more than 200 volunteers packaged 25,200 meals in just over an hour. The school district and church later learned that these meals helped to feed children in Haiti and Burkina Faso..

Sports leaders cannot look away from the prejudice within their midst. We understand that standing up to colleagues can be challenging but Ross has an opportunity to make a significant difference within his sphere of influence. Right now, the NFL is actively promoting bigotry.

We got to provincials, we found out we built everything an inch too low, said team member Daniel Kilmartin, who attended provincials with fellow student Vidal Tavares. It was an easy fix though. The team quickly altered its firing platform, as well as its loading system, to bring them up to the correct height..

Along with mental excitement in the classes, my taste buds have been getting excited too. Our great chef, Wally, cooked us a bacon and leek stuffed chicken breast and it was absolute heaven. It was so good that I ate four chicken breasts in one sitting.

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