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Instead, she called Stella, her kindly grandmother, to tell her that she married Vic. She figured grandma would be a bit more receptive to the news and she was right. Marilyn made the call from the Netherland Plaza Hotel, Cincinnati premier hotel in the 1940s, listed today on the National Historic Register.

Customers would walk through swinging doors at the Bottle Shop. It was a busy place in those days, with six employees, counting owner George Quigley, standing next to Cassidy. Also in the photo are Quigley wife and co owner Lois Quigley, Archie Edwards (who also worked at the old Cal Ida mill on Highway 49), Marie Harris and Hilda Vierra..

I flew out early to coach Brady’s Bunch on Friday. TO be I changed my number from 24, my number I had as a kid. It as a hard thing to do, but Brady’s Bunch means more to more people, and cancer affects a lot of people, and it shows resiliency. The others took place in 1909, 1994 and 2004.Connie Heilaman, a long time area trail user with Alta Hikers, said going out in a group and making plenty of noise is one sure way of avoiding mountain lions and having them avoid you.Heilaman said she never spotted a cougar in the wild, including on many hikes along the Stevens Trail.I know they out there, Heilaman said.Alan Shuttleworth, a Colfax resident who regularly hikes area trails, said the encounter with the normally reclusive cat is an extreme rarity.been up and down that trail many times and never seen the actual animal or evidence of a cat., Shuttleworth said.Mountain lions cover wide areas of territory in search of game. Fish and Wildlife guidelines estimate a typical cat roams within a 50 square mile perimeter.For Kevin Gould, a Colfax resident who has chickens, a mountain lion is believed to have been raiding his chicken coup over the past several weeks. His property is on the other side of Interstate 80, near Colfax High School.(a mountain lion) has been coming up here, getting the chickens, Gould said.

Don know Uruguay? guy from Malaysia poses with his son for a picture with host Jon Montgomery (though he too is not sure which Amazing Race this is). Recognized the matt and the colours of the show, Montgomery says. Amazing Race is a brand that is much more popular than I am, that for sure..

Examining the books, I discovered that some I remembered liking best weren’t actually Little Golden Books, but knockoffs like Whitman Publishing Co.’s Tell a Tale series or Rand McNally’s Elf books. (Two of my recovered favorites, Helen Wing’s Playtime Poodles and Ruth Dixon’s Three Little Puppies photo books that anticipated Wil liam Wegman’s work with his Weimaraners were actually from the Elf line.) This surprised me, though I supposed it shouldn’t have at the age I consumed the books, I gave no thought at all to how they were branded, or to the (certainly impure) motives of the people in the offices who decided how the books should be produced and marketed. All I cared about was the story..

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