Ray Ban Eyeglass Frames

Turned in the invoice and directed Vivian Glenn, city clerk, to write a check to Bray and placed a note in the file on July 25. The notice says city council granted the city manager to approve payment up to $2,500 prior to their vote on oversight therefore as city manager of the City of Healdton and only this letter notes payment without prior approval of the council. The city council will have a copy of this invoice.

This is the second year of the march. The first took place last year following president trump’s election into office. Organizers say the purpose of the march is to highlight the progress being made in stopping issues that affect women such as sexual harassment.

As MacGregor explained she had to go back to the hospital just recently to have her leg looked at because of a spot that wasn healing as it should. Fortunately they were able to treat it with antibiotics, but if it doesn hold up a plastic surgeon may have to take a look at it. MacGregor, however, is confident the antibiotics did the trick..

Harris’sgrandson luistold me she loved spending time with hergrand children. Mhp is still investigating this accident. We will provide more information as it becomes available. Not comfortable having this lady do that because she is not going to do a job that represents me, he claimed. Is a public pretender. I don like her; she doesn like me.

I think that made me a good fit for the job despite the fact that I was struggling in the class academically. The new role forced me to take ownership of the work that I was doing. That added responsibility sparked my interest in the subject, and that position set me up to obtain my first internship.

The 13 year old Grade 8 student at Copper Ridge Academy has been playing hockey since the age of four. Following surgeries for cochlear implants a surgically implanted electronic device that provides a sense of sound to a person who is profoundly deaf or hard of hearing in both ears at just 18 months of age and again when he was three years old, that in itself may be considered accomplishment enough. Not for Walsh..

Have a conflict of different needs and different interests there, DiNapoli said. Service is very important to many people who don have alternatives. I know it has been a hot local issue, but I certainly hope that the sides will come together and not be penalized.

Students should live, attend school and participate in 4 H in Benton County. Applications are due April 1 to: Jeannie Bowen, 1115 Rader Road, Rogers AR 72756; phone 479 636 5714. ‘Stage’ Opportunities College scholarships to help students major or minor in music or dance will be offered by Live On Stage in NWA.

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