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“I’m here today because Jonathanwas to be the best man at my daughters wedding 10 days from now and his wife, who is intensive care, she was also going to be in the wedding. They are just so sweet. He was so good with his kids. Jan 2018 The Nimbo, based on Segway Robotics mobility platform, which uses the company gearbox, motor and battery but incorporates sensors and vision systems to enable some degree of autonomy. In adapting the platform for its purposes, robotic security firm Turing Video used Intel RealSense sensors to create a robot that can roll around autonomously collecting HD video of nefarious activity. The robot AI is able to detect humans and recognize when suspicious events are playing out, like people fighting, for example..

We took a break during our house readying week to observe the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic by going to see Titanic the Musical at the Historic Cocoa Village Playhouse. This community theatre is about 10 miles from our new house we were very impressed with the production. We may have found a southern theatre home, we even found out that someone from our MD theater group is now down here and doing shows at this theater time will tell..

“The 29 inch wheel is booming. It’s getting popular in the new unicycle scene,” he said laughing. It’s not surprising that the scene isn’t that large. “Being one of the cooks in the kitchen I get to do a lot and I understand how this whole operation works here, I see everything that happens behind the scenes. I believe that we have to try to save the environment so with all of the vegetable and fruit waste I have been toting home very heavy, sloppy buckets of compost to throw in my compost heap. I think this is a great idea to have something like this, it teaches kids where their food comes from and how it prepared and shows them better alternatives to do it in healthier ways.

Our low taxes, and conservative values (ie common sense) are what make Utah the family oriented place that it is. And this, and other taxes stand in direct opposition to those values. Just as other cities buried themselves in debt, such as Chicago, Los Angelas, and Detrioit, in the pursuit of a utopian society, we too are not immune from such a fate..

“For younger kids, the four hour trip in the inlet would be good. We help them learn how to keep their fingers on the line. Do a little prep before we go out,” he said. Both air and water can be measured in litres. One litre of air (gas) is equal in volume to one litre of water (liquid). They take up exactly the same amount of space.

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