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This can lead to tremendous returns, but unfortunately commodities come with a huge downside. One of the disadvantages of commodities are broker fees, which can be quite high per trade. Another disadvantage is market liquidity. This week I realized something. It had been swirling in my mind for a long time, but it hit home pretty hard Wednesday night during the Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor show at the Arts and Culture Centre. It’s no longer just a problem amongst kids, but it’s now permeated to reach our parents and grandparents..

Initial courses are designed to help students take their first step toward a college degree, or allow them to ease back into the classroom if they been away for a while, says Dr. Kristine Young, SUNY Orange president, who also expressed her appreciation that the Port Jervis School District has made space available at the high school while the Pike Street site is being finished. Those who may be interested in these four offerings, or might be thinking about joining us in Port Jervis this summer, I encourage them to contact a College representative.

They fun to play. For Tidings “River” was suggested to me on a message board. Besides the fun of putting your own twist on songs if they [the audience] don know you, they know other songs so it almost builds a trust between listeners. Not only feel it, I can see it, said Cooper. Some of the local Kingston athletes personally, seeing the increase in their self esteem, and the pride of accomplishments that they take in sports, it definitely does transfer to their everyday lives. They have friends outside of their sport, and they have that ability and confidence to be working within the community..

Both candidates have been extended an invitation to attend. Candidate Brantley Lyons has accepted our invitation and will be in attendance. Candidate Ian Maloy did not accept our invitation and will not be in attendance. Changes can be good for any local institution that’s managed to survive a solid decade especially when it involves a talent such as chef Anne Coll. Her contributions are already evident in several dishes, increased seasonality, and finessed improvements to some of the pub classics. Some of the menu still clearly needs revamping.

Is it too much to ask for rain? Why even bother asking “wet” is in the forecast for the next two years. But it’s a dry rain. Marcus Mariota and pals will prepare extra hard this week. Patricia Culligan, professor of civil engineering and engineering mechanics, is leading a team of 20 investigators who have just won a five year $3 million grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to study how urban green infrastructure (GI) can mitigate the city role in coastal zone pollution. The award is one of only 11 grants totaling $13.1 million given by the NSF as part of its new coastal sustainability program. And around the world..

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