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Also on the podcast, I explain that I had the opportunity to meet with Scott in December to privately discuss the prospect of Pac 12 men’s lacrosse. It was an interesting conversation in which I learned more about the source of his interest in the topic, and my takeaways were: There are a couple Pac 12 universities exploring men’s lacrosse (as there have been for the last five or more years). For them, this announcement could serve as a catalyst; however, there’s little evidence to suggest any of the other 11 universities have already done enough that they’re any closer than a couple years from hitting the field.

“We’re working on this not only for our young people but also people who dropped out of school a few years back or 10 or 15 or whatever it may be,” says Fort William Chief Peter Collins. “We’re trying to give people the opportunity to create a lifestyle that is positive for themselves (and) develop the opportunity to get their Grade 12 because in the working world nowadays, everybody looks for a Grade 12. This is a great partnership; I look forward to many more partnerships of this nature and hopefully we can develop a positive outcome for a lot of people in our communities.”.

Boutwell was introduced to flipping houses by a friend before it became popular. It was a hobby she enjoyed for years and was able to do the majority of the work herself. Jo received great satisfaction and joy in giving old houses new life. In fact, there is a bridge in my district where we all can gain inspiration, and I invite President Trump and Congressman Lewis to join me in visiting Selma to walk hand in hand across that bridge as one nation, indivisible and united. 2017 The Associated Press. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.).

The board level and committee level, you develop a really close team. It’s exciting to be at the top of the organization because you get to see it all together, she said. The games itself, there’s a buzz and people are excited to invite others to Leduc and show it off.

It goes deeper than that. Like a warrior in battle, the award stands for character. It stands for the skill and inspiring commitment demonstrated on the turf. A low power devotee for more than 25 years, Rought has been a ham since 1983 and holds an Extra Class license (along with his original call sign!). He has operated almost exclusively QRP, on both phone and CW, since 2000, and describes the antennas at his Traverse City, Michigan home as “a spider web of wire strung between trees” as well as a roof mounted homebrew 2 element beam for 20 meters. He previously wrote about his “QRP Superstation” in the April, 2012 issue of CQ..

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