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The Draw Together Project uses observational drawing and the group has been focusing on looking for spaces that are interesting to them throughout the community. Over the last 12 weeks, they have drawn at different areas on Main Street, the inside of StFX Chapel, the Place of Peace garden at St. Martha’s Regional Hospital and Chisholm Park..

On Wednesday, December 3rd, in Mrs. Leonard home base 6th grade science class, we went down to the creek, baseball fields, and along the road to look for trash. We are studying about soil, landfills, burning trash, and recycling waste. It’s never easy when a loved one gets on in years. When they are encouraged to stay active, it can add years to their life. Laughter is the best medicine, and getting together with friends is a great way to find laughter.

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There are some things both men and women can do to try to stave off osteoporosis. One of the most important is to move exercise. Studies have shown that women who walk one mile a day have up to seven years more bone reserve than those who don’t. Don and I have new neighbors: Sam and Cristina Musleh. Son Noah can keep his hands off rocks, so he a budding geologist. Plus, he in the middle of Chris D seven volume series, Last Dragon.

For the 2011 Municipal By Election, the City will be using the Permanent List of Electors which is established and maintained for use in a federal or provincial election. To determine if your name is on the list please call 637 1535 OR . Your name may not be on the list or in the correct Polling District if you recently:.

El Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) se ha utilizado para detectar las nubes de gas con formacin estelar ms distantes encontradas hasta ahora en galaxias normales del Universo temprano. Las nuevas observaciones permiten a los astrnomos empezar a ver cmo se construyeron las primeras galaxias y cmo despejaron la niebla csmica en la poca de reionizacin. Esta es la primera vez que pueden verse este tipo de galaxias como algo ms que manchas difusas..

“It took me a year of up and down the highway when we were running Super B together there, it took me a year to talk her into it for the first shack, the first pull behind,” says Dowswell. “A year later we finally got that and continued working and saved everything we could and got this one going and then we started out that first summer with that and from there we talked her into a bus and then a restaurant she was kind of skeptical about it but then I said are we going to get anywhere? How are we going to know if we don give it a try. We gave her a try and here we are.”.

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