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The opening of one of Fort Wayne newest restaurants spread like wildfire through my social media feeds. After a quick look through their menu, my husband and I joined a couple of friends, who we dine with quite often, for lunch at Famous Falafel the next day to check out its Mediterranean cuisine. The 100 percent halal menu features dishes such as shawarma (my fave!), kabobs, kafta, fresh hummus, tabbouleh, stuffed grape leaves and wonderful falafel, of course.

Now back in Sioux Lookout he is involved in the community again and notices the positive changes even in his own lifetime; people have grown more accepting of different lifestyles. Mushquash feels there is a culture and shared identity in the community and that no one is alone. He himself plans to join another community next fall when he attends Lakehead University to earn a social work degree..

She has since learned to play the banjo and the dulcimer, and even smacks a little bongo on her CD.instrument she picks up she enjoys, her mother said. Gets her blues and jazz influence from her dad and I, and the folk is from her stepfather. Hannah has been accepted into Circle in the Square Theatre School in New York.

A Lis Pendens, in judicial foreclosure states, is the initial document filed on a foreclosure. In non judicial foreclosure states, the document that gives public notice of the foreclosure is called a Notice of Default. These are the documents you will use to identify pre foreclosures if you choose to invest in them..

Transportation Safety Board Regional Operations Manager Peter Hildebrand says, “We are gathering information to see whether the airplane was functional at the time. We are looking for the structure, the engine propellers, the controls, the systems (any kind of de icing systems), electrical, those sorts of things to see if we can tell whether they were working at the time. Then we are going to look at the flight path to see was the airplane in controlled flight or did it indicate a loss of control, where is it located can we find out what the airplane was doing from witnesses, flying in for the approach, was it doing an overshoot, circling or what have you.”.

There may be from 2 to 20 partners with no restrictions as to their nationalities or domicile. Their Capital must be at least $2,000 up to $500,000. The names of the partners must be registered with the Public Registry Office including the amount of Capital each contributed.

The spellers have qualified to compete in the national competition by winning locally sponsored spelling bees in their home communities. The national competition will be held in the Independence Ballroom of the Grand Hyatt Washington. Live television coverage of the 2006 Scripps National Spelling Bee will be moving to primetime this year on the ABC Television Network.

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