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“Survivor,” “Sex and the City,” “Push, Nevada” and “American Idol” are but a few of the shows in which the traditional wall between entertainment content and commercial messages has been breached. As the Washington Post noted about “American Idol,” “it was nearly impossible to judge where the show ended and the ads for corporate sponsors Ford and Coca Cola began. Coke cups were in every shot involving the judges during auditions for the show; during the show itself, contestants were shown riding in a Ford Focus and the Coke logo was omnipresent.”.

A Fort Dodge firefighter directs a stream of water onto a flaming house at 3015 Ninth Ave. S. Moments after it was shattered by a gas explosion Wednesday afternoon. A. The two main differences are the asymmetry in media used by the campaign. Clinton is relying primarily on TV ads, while Trump is relying to an unprecedented degree on Twitter and on the free media coverage it generates.

Environmental issues dominated the City Council agenda Tuesday. The council discussed banning smoking in city parks and Styrofoam anywhere in town, dimming night lights and tabled a proposal to accept a grant from Keep America Beautiful to buy more trash cans for downtown Laguna. A draft ordinance banning food service businesses from serving folks on non recyclable plastic of single use, expanded polystyrene was approved for distribution to the city Environmental Committee, the Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce, the Visitors Bureau and the California Restaurant Assn..

“If we want our rural communities to thrive, we must ensure they have access to simple business tools like cellular coverage,” says the MLA, who points to the fishing industry as one in need of proper coverage. “Our lobster is the best in the world, yet the lack of cellular coverage is holding us back from increasing sales and exports. We can’t let that happen anymore.”.

Like weather and climate, there are two factors in sea level rise: year to year small rises and falls that are caused by natural events and larger long term rising trends that are linked to man made climate change. Nerem’s team removed the natural effects of the 1991 Mt. Pinatubo eruption that temporarily chilled Earth and the climate phenomena El Nino and La Nina, and found the accelerating trend..

On Saturday, thousands of people turned out at Camden Susquehanna Bank Center for the seventh annual MMRBQ, radio station WMMR celebration of rock and roll, beer beer. Musical guests included Soundgarden, Alice In Chains and Cheap Trick, among others, and WMMR top talent, including Pierre Robert and the Preston Steve entourage, held down the fort. I decided to make the trip to see what all the fuss was about.

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