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When Jim Reid checks into a Westin hotel, he inevitably catches a whiff of a “woody cedar and vanilla” scent called White Tea. It’s a pleasant smell to most guests, but not to him. He suspects he’s having a reaction to a chemical in the hotel’s signature scent, but he isn’t sure, because the hotel won’t tell him what’s in the diffuser, beyond “cedar” and “vanilla.”.

Yes, it was a real community event! There were door prizes, a costume contest (I won for female construction costume just barely made it into my old overalls, and had many of my tools with me), awesome refreshments (like strawberry shortcake and nibblies, wine and beer) and of course the popcorn. So the excitement was high even before Lucas Myers stepped onto the stage.Michele Garrison, president of BDAC, helped seat the audience, then Anya Soroka introduced the evening while Ted Invictus stepped up to give acknowledgements and gratitude to all those who contributed to make the production possible.Lights to black, then up again as out came Lucas as Cliv (not Clive or Cliff but CLIV), an incompetent pink slipped day trader with a half million dollar credit card debt leading to bankruptcy, a sixteen year old forever texting daughter and a twelve year old son who through his computer has the inside track on just about anything. The answer? “Goodbye Rat Race, Hello Garden” in BC’s interior with a new start as a small town, eco conscious, back to the lander.

Letting dogs get too close to pups. “You may think your dog is harmless, but a seal pup doesn’t see it that way,” says Cant. Dogs have been known to attack and injure pups who are fairly helpless on land. He enjoys the flexibility of his graduate program, allowing him to complete his degree while being engaged in a full time job as well as ministry.The time Justin is spending at the ACU Graduate School of Theology is having a positive impact on his career and ministry, building confidence in his abilities as a minister and opening doors in his professional network.”It has helped me generate a biblical lens that I try to use in everything I do and given me tools and understanding that I utilize in a practical way in serving our community. It also has given me access to many ministerial relationships with fellow students and faculty, which gives me a network of people who can help encourage me in my Christian walk.”Justin cites the mentoring component of the Christian Ministry program as one of the highlights of his graduate work at ACU. He says, “It is great to get quality time with faculty with experience and have the freedom to ask questions which relate to ministry.

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