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Gillis Regional High School students, is a boutique that will supply clothing donated by St. F. X. NEWBURGH Three men are under arrest in Newburgh after they allegedly confronted a man as he was walking home in Newburgh and assaulted him. Two of the men had semi automatic handguns. The victim was pistol whipped several times and forced to open the main door of his residence and once inside the common hallway he was robbed of his keys and cell phone..

We had a great experience overall. My parents and brother are encouraging me to play and they have always told me not to set limits on myself. My parents are coming with me to the tournament and my aunts and uncle are coming from Ottawa too.”. “We see it as an invasion of our personal space and privacy,” said Joe Salvo, the organizer of the online group and a Wissahickon High sophomore. “It’s the idea that our rights are going to be slowly taken away in the name of safety that bothers me. “I have also been at several safe schools conferences, and one of the things a lot of experts recommend is looking at how kids are bringing things to school.”.

Weather by Day will be a compilation of daily, regional and local forecasts, marine weather, Grandma wisdom and some very cool photos from across the region and adorable drawings from our youngest audience! You also find something new called Weather University, where together we can learn new things about the wonderful world of weather. There you find my region by region video weather forecasts and analysis. Weather of the Day will also offer up some fun including weather lore and fascinating photos..

In the pilot, Pai is releasing the full text of two documents that will be listed on the tentative agenda for the February Open Meeting. The first is a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) soliciting public input on allowing television stations to use ATSC 3.0, the next generation broadcast standard. The second is a Report and Order (R that gives AM radio broadcasters more flexibility in siting their FM translators..

Includes the development of multi phased exploration activities as appropriate for sites under construction. 20% of job: Build and maintain computerized geological models for existing mine sites and undeveloped sites. Includes capturing research from published sources, archiving of sites and investigative projects, and maintaining database to support fulfillment of reserve goals, educational needs, and all internal and external geologic inquiries.

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