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District Attorney Craig Ladd said late Tuesday afternoon Thomas Houser was currently detained on the high dollar bond granted on “an officer’s affidavit for detention.” Ladd said he expected Ardmore Police Department investigators to present their reports to him “probably” sometime today, which would lay out APD’s evidence that Houser was responsible for the murder of 50 year old Spender Hales Jr. Monday. Police Chief Keith Mann said officers discovered Hales’ body lying face down in the front yard.

League spokesman Brian McCarthy on Friday, Sept. 1, 2017, disputed a key claim in a lawsuit filed by the players’ union on behalf of Elliott seeking to vacate an upcoming ruling on an appeal. (AP Photo/David Richard, File). The attorneys have also filed suit against Thomas Built Buses, Inc., a subsidiary of Daimler Trucks North America, LLC, for the defective design of the bus. The bus in question was defectively designed because it did not include seat belts. Additionally, the bus contained a window system that failed to prevent contact between the window glass and the roadway and failed to minimize the possibility of occupant ejection in foreseeable overturn/slide events..

At St. Mary Church, 2113 East Street, Galway, with the Rev. Thomas J. The Reverend Canon William D. Small, 82, passed away on April 23, 2017, at Adirondack Medical Center, a priest of the Episcopal Church, survived by his wife, Darleen Ellen Small; his son, W. David Small and Cecilia T.

That possible partly because the Exchanges are already on base, cleared by security.The Exchange delivers most orders on the second day now. Shull said shipping from stores will make a big difference in regions around bases, which are often in more rural areas.Expanding online shopping to all honorably discharged veterans is expected to add about $200 million annually within three years to the $8.3 billion in sales the Exchanges generated last year.Adding those shoppers, what Shull called foundation of our growth, is critical to help offset the 13 percent decline in the number of active duty Army and Air Force soldiers since 2011 when the Exchange generated $10.3 billion revenue. Military Academy who served in the Army for a decade before starting a retail career at chains including Macy Marine Forrest Cornelius was among the first to sign up at the verification website when it launched in June, and got a chance to start shopping early to test it out.

“He’s the opposite of a slumlord. He’s a guy trying to do it and is very concerned with community,” said Chris Botta, 29, a musician and audio engineer who rents a custom built, sound treated unit in the new building. Alvarez put in the work and money, he even went $25,000 over budget on the room, using it as a trial to see what can be done to soundproof a space..

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