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Oh my having grown up in Bellevue from 8th grade on I guess I shouldn be surprised. I graduated from Bellevue High in 1962 and we celebrating our 55th year class reuion on Saturday, August 12th. It hard to believe our own children all graduated there as well! I have to forward this to my brother, Dick Bryant.

Granted the financial state of the company is in question, however what about partnerships? Do we really need to sell? Maybe if more Drydenites supported the local business, the finances would be different. Who knows? If you ask me, the City of Dryden is utilizing DMTS as a scapegoat for other issues related to their finances on a much larger scale. So, before you reply with statements regarding a dropped call or missed text, please save it.

Breakfast baskets are easy to put together yourself. A package of some interesting pancake mix, a tin of maple syrup, a pound of excellent coffee and some fresh breakfast tea would make an excellent start. You might want to add small jars of honey and fruit spreads.

I never thought I go to Africa. I felt more at home than I do here. Here I have to deal with micro aggressions always on full alert. While traveling in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, I noticed before the green light is ready to change to yellow it starts blinking. That gives the driver another layer of safety that the light will soon change to yellow then red. Support red light cameras, particularly because they have saved lives, Tom Jones of Venice wrote.

I am a pedestrian and I use the subway regularly to Bitts Park and the castle area and welcome a pedestrian crossingI Please car users back off a little on this one. The subways are threatening to the elderly and somewhat threatening to young families. I have observed druggies doing deals in the subways and say why should we pedestrians always have to be bottom of the pecking order.

It’s going to continue. Perhaps not at quite the same pace, particularly given the recent drop in oil prices. Extracting oil and natural gas is a complex process, and the industry by necessity has become very innovative in figuring out how to produce resources.

SATURDAY: Rain tapers off in the morning but scattered showers and isolated t storms move back in by early afternoon, continuing into the evening hours before ending. Rainfall amounts will range from 1 to 2 inches from HWY 54 southward with lower amounts of up to a half inch in our northwestern counties. Flooding is possible in the Ozarks due to the additional 1 2 inches of rainfall.

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