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But when they’re forced to choose, the majority says inclusivity is more important. College students are struggling to balance free speech and on campus and online. The vast majority of college students believe equally in free expression and diversity, viewing both as extremely important to American democracy.

Klahn, who served in Vietnam; David J. Klahn and Gerald B. Mingus, serving during the Vietnam Era; and Brooke A. They all sat and watched Harris eagerly wait for his girlfriend, Kaitlin Whipple, to bite into something solid. Except she never did. Impatient, and unable to ponder cause and effect, someone challenged Whipple to a race to the bottom of the Frosty cup.

6. The Wilson woman was arrested Aug. 31 by Deputy Derek Helmke following an investigation that began after officials at a local school reported the victim had made disclosures concerning the visible injury she suffered. Saw the posted practice plan, he says. Pretty upset that you moving him back to the first midfield this week. Young coach pauses to gauge his boss reaction.

The colder it gets, the less efficiently your CO2 will work. Keep your tanks warm in a pair of heated socks. However, make sure the tanks do not heat up too much. WEAVER: “We all had renderings of our Avatars as we were doing the performance capture. And for me, Grace had such a haunted face, and I think because her human life is so guarded and armored. The rendering was a big inspiration to me, so I was very surprised when I finally saw the movie, and saw that he hadn’t done it like the rendering, that Grace looked just like Sigourney, only I was ten foot tall and blue, which is a much improved version of myself.”.

Finishing the last three matches for individual records, Ethan Taylor got the Tigers first pin of the match, over Mikel Casteel at 195 pounds. It got contagious and Kade Rawlins of MHS followed that with a pin at 220 over Josh Poches. Dylan Wogerman of Athens finished out the dual meet with a pin over Kai Borrelli..

The Conservatives had built their success, both in fundraising and electorally, on a highly mobilized base. That base then comprised roughly 30% of the electorate, as it does today. A Conservative majority in 2015, as in 2011, required leveraging the core vote into a disproportionate number of seats.

“It all came together during a period of summer research at the Georgia Department of History and Archives. As I explored another topic, I kept coming across gubernatorial correspondence with the note “Ducktown” penciled across the headings, Those documents sparked memories of my earlier trip to the region and then grew into the realization that there was an important environmental story to tell, one that also involved an equally important legal story, leading as it did to the first Supreme Court air pollution case, Georgia v. Tennessee Copper Co.”.

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