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To mat the pictures and the caption, I used green cardstock.For the caption, I typed Cookies, Christmas 2004 vertically on a page in a large font that I liked and printed it off the computer. I matted this narrow piece with green cardstock and glued it to the left hand side of the background page.For the pictures and the recipe, I used a full 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of green card stock for the matting. I printed out the recipe and placed it at the bottom of the card stock (with a picture of the finished cookies at the right hand bottom corner of the recipe), and I arranged the other photos at the top of the card stock with two die cuts I created from our cookie cutters.

Kentucky law for divorcing families (KRS has a presumption that both parents will have equal decision making ( legal custody and parenting time while the family goes through the critical period of the divorce process. Decades of scientific research show this shared parenting arrangement is usually best for children in separating families. Kentucky law excludes parents who are likely to abuse or neglect a child, of course.

My father always had his vacations at the same time; that how I can figure out the dates. What I do remember is the Giants had a Chesterfield sign, and whenever they got a hit it would light up. I was three years old and very interested in that sign.

Not like her. I don try to portray myself as sexy. If you call me Britt I will puke. Pollute those waters, you just may as well dump most of it directly into Lake Superior, one of the world largest source of fresh water as it is a Lake Superior watershed. The thought that the SNF is even being considered for mining sickens me. The sad thing? It will go through, mark my words.

Police already suspected Hernandez before the arrest, describing him as ‘evasive’ when approached by law enforcement. Their suspicions were all but confirmed when a search of the players house revealed he had just hired a cleaning service to wipe his house spotless just days after the murder. They found that he had destroyed all of the tape from his home security system..

Love County Undersheriff Jason Bone busted a methamphetamine lab in the making early Wednesday morning thanks to a tip from Ardmore Police Department narcotics officers. The five were arrested pending charges of endeavoring to manufacture controlled dangerous substances (methamphetamine) within 2,000 feet of a day care. Tuesday informing him the five were headed to Love County in a 1992 white Chevrolet Lumina.

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