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Allison Ware, Southeastern LMSC Chair commented, “This is going to be a great event in East Tennessee. B2B is perfectly positioned to attract swimmers from a huge geography due to the scenery and accessibility. Masters Swimming (USMS) sanctioned open water event is expecting 100 plus participants including solo swimmers, duo relay teams and pilots (kayakers supporting the swimmers to help guide them during the race).

It was called Heading Down to Nashville, and it even got some radio on Edmonton CISN Country radio station.She been writing ever since, occasionally dipping into different genres, but always returning to her first love.brothers listened to rock and pop and everything so I kind of wrote with them in a little of different styles, but as I got older I kind of honed in on country music, because that my roots and what I always come back to, Vos said. Her brothers play as her backing band when she performs in Alberta, as she recently did at the Calgary Stampede 2014 Nashville North Star competition, where she was a finalist.In 2012 Vos released her first single, Let Love Go, recorded in Alberta. She recorded the newest release here as well, at Evergreen Studios with producer Mark Troyer in Calgary while home from school in the summer of 2014.Vos is promoting the single and performing as often as possible while finishing out the semester.

Stewart is ACU Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR). FARs are chosen to help create a caring and supportive campus environment to grow and advocate for student athletes. The FAR is involved in helping make sure that student athletes have the appropriate systems and environments in place so that they can succeed in academics and as a person..

Really didn enjoy going on tour. He found it very demanding. And he wasn really interested in success. With a market glut of generically chiseled hunks, it is attitude, more than ever, that stands out. Attitude of the kind that the Olympic track star Michael Johnson throws off in a recent Ray Ban ad, in which he stands defiant, sweaty and shirtless. The copy line reads, ”Take a good look.”.

According to the International Olympic Committee, Canada is in 34th place in the medal standings as of Saturday. That’s because the IOC lists countries according to number of gold medals won, then looks at silver, and then bronze. (If not for Rosie MacLennan’s trampoline gold, we’d be in 50th place in the IOC standings, just ahead of Egypt.).

“These 12 new KC 46A aircraft will serve as a vital tool for our military, providing any fixed wing aircraft with mid air refueling capabilities a prolonged amount of time in the air for use in either logistical or combat operations, said North Carolina Richard Burr. “For years, I have worked with Senator Tillis, our Senate colleagues, committees of jurisdiction, and the citizens of Goldsboro to advocate for the necessary funding required for the maintenance and operation of the KC 46As. This final decision could not be more timely, as the capable Airmen of Seymour Johnson are celebrating the 75th anniversary of the 4th Fighter wing this September.

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