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On Sunday, Jan. 5, a Leduc sheriff conducting routine traffic stops signaled at a vehicle driven by Dashivskyy to turn its high beams off. The vehicle traveled on without lowering the beams and police gave pursuit.When they signaled the vehicle to pull over, the driver sped up, reaching speeds and soon slid off the road into a snowdrift, the Crown prosecutor told the court.was clear the vehicle was trying to flee, he said.When police reached the vehicle, Dashivskyy smelled of a alcohol, had slurred speech and was acting belligerent.A police check found he was disqualified from driving, his vehicle wasn licensed or insured and its plates were stolen, the Crown said.After being arrested and taken to a nearby police detachment, Dashivskyy failed to provide breath sample.was clear to the technician he was playing games with him, the Crown said.Dashivskyy had a previous impaired driving conviction and was given a 19 month conditional sentence for multiple identity fraud related offenses in July 2012.Dashivskyy lawyer told the court his client had recently bought the vehicle used and believed was still licensed and registered to its previous owner.fact, it wasn insured and it wasn registered, the lawyer said.

With more teams throwing at him, it exposed weaknesses we had not seen before. For example, his ball skills were shockingly poor. He couldn’t adjust to a ball in the air. Are so proud of him, as we are with all of our students. Everything changed when Andrew enrolled in Transitions, said Lexington Executive Director Shaloni Winston in the release. Just a few weeks in this post secondary program for young adults with learning differences, Andrew embraced the curriculum and gained a wealth of new skills.

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28th October 2014Quote: “It looks like it might happen. The idea is that we shoot it in 2016, which would be 20 years after the original came out. And I’d be up for it. Our young people have so many answers, and too often we structure mentoring relationships in ways that ignore their voices. If we are to celebrate difference, then we must begin by acknowledging that some of those very differences imbue expertise. The young people we mentor are not just empty voids waiting to be filled: they are human beings with a trove of experiences who can see the world in ways we have yet to imagine..

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