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Da Nansen var helt ung spredde det seg en veldig interesse i folk for naturen og friluftslivet. Fjellene og villmarken ble oppdaget og tatt i bruk. Det ble popul med utend og det utvikle sin fysiske styrke og utholdenhet ble en del av datidens menneskeideal.

Mrs. Nellie Lellava, age 84 years, passed away October 25th, 2016 surrounded by the love of her daughters. We know that our father, Jorma (“Jake”) came by in his shiny car, opened the door and said, “Nellie, come on in and we’ll go to the dance”. This is exactly the problem. Your entire answer here is about women, not about the people who rape them. We have people who rape, why don we blame them instead of the victim? Are you saying it would have been your fault if you were raped when you were 18 and drank too much? Because you are indirectly saying here that it is a girl fault if she is raped.

If you’ve been looking for a source of non GMO soy for your nutritional products, then you will have already been alerted to the possible dangers of genetically modified foods. It’s quite possible that some of the furor at the moment will turn out to be completely unfounded. But since so many eminent scientists are coming out in favor of non GMO, then it’s a fair assumption that sooner or later we may have to face the fact that genetically modified means dangerous..

The coveted ICE Award, which represents an overall “best in show” recognition, was presented to Irving High School for its Biomedical Science Academy Science Fair. Students and staff involved in the program received the ICE Award trophy to display on campus and $5,000 to support the future of the program. The Biomedical Sciences Academy at Irving High School partnered with UT Southwestern (UTSW) Medical Center at Dallas to showcase excellence in education through the inaugural Biomedical Science Fair.

Alex Berg Opioid and other Drugs Coordinator with Drug Free Communities will present on the Opioid Initiative. Guests will learn how a countywide system is being developed to effectively address the issues addicts and their families face. Drug Free Communities assumed the coordination of the Opioid Initiative in late 2015, and has adopted a Four Pillar Approach currently being implemented in several other communities with promising results.

Bob HoffmasterBob NelsonWade BatesSports On AirKFIZ SportsKFIZ SportsFor the fourth straight year Johnsonville Big Taste Grill is returning to Fond du Lac to benefit the Fond du Lac Boys and Girls Club. Boys and Girls Club CEO Dan Hebel says the Big Taste Grill will be at the Fives Giddings Lewis Parking Lot Friday. He says last year they sold over 2,200 brats, which they hope to top this time.

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