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PITTSFIELD, Ill. (WGEM) Police Chief Kenny Yelliot said the burglary happened at the Moose Lodge overnight Friday into Saturday. The amount of cash taken hasn’t been released.”They broke through the back door, and unlocked the door from the outside and made entry into the building,” Manager of the bar, Ray Miller said.Miller said without the pay out machine, slot machines can’t be used.”We’re losing money every day because machines aren’t up and running so a substantial amount of money is probably not being made,” Miller said.Miller said the bar’s surveillance footage didn’t get a glimpse of the thief, however police say they’re investigating in coordination with other agencies because of other similar instances.”The first reaction was anger, and then after that you feel like you’ve been violated, you want retribution immediately, I hope they catch whoever it is so we can see him face to face,” Miller said.Donnie Anstedt is a manager at a nearby antique shop and said he isn’t worried about a burglar because not only does he have an alarm sound and surveillance, but other means of protection as well.”I feel pretty secure, if they happen to break in if i was here, they would really be in trouble as I strategically have my firearms with me,” Anstedt said.The Pike County Sheriff’s Office is assisting with the investigation.The investigation is being coordinated with various agencies experiencing similar burglaries.Police say cash was taken from business but haven’t said how much.Anyone with information is asked to call the Pittsfield Police Department.Parthenon in Fort Madison to close next weekParthenon in Fort Madison to close next weekParthenon on 715 8th St.Parthenon on 715 8th St.A long time Fort Madison restaurant is closing next week.A long time Fort Madison restaurant is closing next week.Fort Madison cemeteries getting a spring cleaningFort Madison cemeteries getting a spring cleaning..

Both Medicare and Medicaid are approaching insolvency. Think of Thelma and Louise in that car driving toward the cliff. Medicare expenditures began exceeding income annually in 2008. Chief Executive of Cambridge Analytica (CA) Alexander Nix, leaves the offices in central London, Tuesday March 20, 2018. Cambridge Analytica, has been accused of improperly using information from more than 50 million Face. In this handout photo provided by the Peruvian Presidential Press Office, President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski poses with his cabinet before addressing the nation and announcing his resignation from office.

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Besides, when you start showing bits of movies to journalists, there’s always the niggling possibility that they’ll write about them. That happened last year when Miramax, a division of Disney, showed a 30 minute assemblage of “Copland,” a movie that they assured the critics beforehand would change Sylvester Stallone’s image from cartoon hero to serious dramatic actor. And how did that work out? Well, sometimes you eat the press, sometimes the press eats you..

Invasive carp have been progressing upstream since escaping into the Mississippi River in the 1970s. These large fish compete with native species and pose a threat to rivers and lakes. While no breeding populations have been detected in Minnesota waters, individual fish have been caught in the Mississippi near the Twin Cities, in the St.

Bethel, meanwhile, is fighting for more than just its first winning season since 2010. Sitting at 5 3, the Bees are currently in the 10th spot in D VI, Region 24 heading into the final two weeks. With a win against 2 6 Ansonia at home this week, Bethel would clinch its winning season, leaving 3 5 Arcanum in Week 10 to get enough points to jump two spots in the standings.

Prefer graduation from a community college in business administration or related field and considerable experience in administrative support work involving extensive public contact in construction trades, legal or governmental sector; or an equivalent combination of education and experience. Able to work nights and/or weekends if called in upon disaster to serve the citizens’ needs of Atlantic Beach.Valid driver’s license with no more than 6 points over a 3 year period and no DWI convictions. Must be able to be bonded, pass a pre employment drug screening, background and credit check.

I think we’re living in exciting times. A long time ago our ancestors lived off the land, fishing and trapping. That’s not feasible. Following Tuesday New Paltz event, the governor press office released the following statement: State has taken unprecedented action to protect the people of the city of Newburgh we committed $50 million to date to provide clean water, to build a state of the art water treatment system, and to investigate the source of the contamination. We will continue to work hand in glove with the local community and will not rest until the DOD cleans up the mess they made. We are evaluating the claims set forth in the notice letter.

3; James D. Whitmire for Coleman seat No. 4; Aaron Vestal for Mill Creek Seat No. Homelessness is often presented as a citywide problem. The issue certainly affects the city as a whole, but the impact is not spread evenly. The map below shows the number of homeless students in each New York City school district.

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Keep baby warm and cover areas you will not be massaging. You can massage over clothing (without oil), or by placing your hands directly on your baby’s skin. If you want to massage directly on the skin, I would recommend you use a little oil. Events are planned throughout Erie County to honor these men and women for their patriotism, love of country and willingness to serve and sacrifice. I encourage all Erie County residents to take time from your busy day to attend the Veterans Day Parade on Saturday, November 7, 2015. The annual parade starts at 11am beginning at Delaware Avenue and Edward, ending at Buffalo City Hall, and celebrates the heroism and courage of our local veteran community..

Had never heard about the case, Edgerton says. Is the one that opened the door. I thought ‘That cool, I Australian, I got my own stories I concerned with in my own country.’ Then I realized there were tons of people who didn know about Richard and Mildred in America.

He was just a magician with the puck, said Edmonton Sun sports journalist and Lacombe native Terry Jones. Started writing for the Lacombe Globe when his career was ending. That town and that scenario and guys like Johnny Young had to with the career I had.

With the 15th anniversary of his business around the corner, Art Burnett, owner of Thorsby Art Service and Repair, saw an opportunity to service his community in a different way.That cause emerged after Burnett reached out to the village Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) coordinator, Patti Adams. The call was serendipitous, as it turned out, as Adams was currently looking for a way to help a friend in serious need.Adams recently began hosting a regular Bible study at her house, which Thorsby resident and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) sufferer Candace Bernardin attends with her mother. As the disease has progressed it gotten more and more difficult for Bernardin to get around, and she was in need of a scooter.our prayers we have been praying for a scooter and for help with her MS.

It’s also been a huge day for ole miss and mississippi state. Fifteen signees each for the rebs and dogs’ new head coaches. Joe moorhead: ‘extremely excited to officially add 15 new players and families to the mississippi state football program. Following careers in the technologies of animal health and pharmacy, her personal spiritual journey awoke a calling to explore her understanding of humankind’s conception of and relation to Spirit. A pursuit to study world scriptures and spiritual traditions led her to Augustana University College, in Camrose, Alberta, where she completed a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Religious Studies. With a desire to experientially integrate the masculine and feminine expressions of Spirit, Jane traveled on spiritual pilgrimages to Crete, Portugal, Mexico and Belize exploring ancient traditions of worship.

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Area judge Ann Clutter observes Junior 4 H competitors including Philip Blackburn, Cora Moore and Katelyn Hall Saturday during the 4 H Cook Off inside the Duke Lungaard Building at the Miami County Fair. Both were visiting the fair with their grandmother, Norma Blauvelt, of near New Carlisle. Blauvelt said they were attending the fair for fun day and the rabbit show.

We are real athletes that are strong. We have to complete four turns in the air in a matter of milliseconds and still manage to land on one foot and make it look good. Olympian and 2015 pairs national champion with now wife Alexa Scimeca Knierim. And the trick now is continue that momentum in a way in each district will be best off and in harmony with each other. Tell me what you think of my plan to expand the Bricktown canal? I’d love to eventually see it expanded to the Myriad Gardens, but that means the Cox Center has to be demo’d first. That might not happen for years if at all.

Very few. There used to be a time that they respected the elders and would come and talk to them, but it’s not now. That’s the sad part about it,” added Nettles.Through the years, several church goers say the have seen so many young people lost to violence over the years.

Gilberto Lacayo, the head groundskeeper for the Church of St. Luke in the Fields, which sits on an irregularly shaped city block bordered by Hudson, Barrow, Greenwich, and Christopher Streets, agreed to show a reporter the locked snow covered garden on a recent Sunday afternoon after services. He pushes the waist high iron gate back and forth several times, the ends of its vertical prongs fanning through the snow a few inches farther each time, creating a sort of snow angel effect..

I saw the two huge gardens and the path leading to the tracks from the main house we used. I saw the moose rack that we used for a swing set. I saw teenagers laughing and walking on stilts. Fortune 500 Companies are paying people every day to try their FREE products with the Instant Payday Network. And the crazy part is, many people are making a living by telling others about these Fortune 500 companies that are paying people big bucks to sample or trial for free their products. EZ Internet Payday System is a company that simply gather up all the Fortune 500 companies that are willing to pay you complete in one automated system done for you.

Been something that was on my mind going into the season, Daye told Inside Lacrosse. Into the year I thought about giving it one last shot to win this thing and try to make a graceful exit. Was head coach of the Cannons for six years but has spent nine of the league 11 seasons with Boston: as an All Star goalie, and an assistant and head coach..

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We started this journey in October I think it was a shock because we went from not having a high performance program for sledge hockey in this province to demanding one right off the bat. There was a little bit of a change that had to be addressed and they did everything we asked. They played exceptionally well.

At a news conference to discuss the firing of Mike Riley on Saturday, Nebraska athletic director Bill Moos mentioned Frost by name as someone he would consider for the job. Nebraska and anyone else interested in Frost will have to be patient though. UCF plays No.

Adjuvant is a broad term that embraces ingredients added to products used for crop protection to enhance pesticide activity, modify characteristics of the product formulation, or to modify the characteristics of a spray solution. An agricultural adjuvant is added to a pesticide product or pesticide spray mixture to enhance the pesticide performance along with the physical properties of the spray mixture. Thus, usage of agricultural adjuvants not only boosts the pesticide effectiveness but also helps minimize the problems associated with spray application..

It’s 20 years since the War Department allowed archivists access to the 50 minutes excised from the original print. Yet more people have still seen the flagwaving, Oscar winning 32 minute version and it’s to Odeon’s credit that they offer all three extant cuts (including one with a special introduction) on this invaluable disc. There is much more Allied propaganda awaiting similar release, much of it produced by front rank Hollywood craftsmen like Stuart Heisler (The Negro Soldier, 1944) and John Huston (Let There Be Light, 1945), and it is to be hoped that some of it might emerge soon..

Quality These things are heavy, like authentic RBs. They have a solid weight to them and the hinges feel incredibly reliable (it only been a day keep in mind tho.) They are definitely 1:1 or as close as they can get, just as most other Aooko reviews go. Compared them with my friends Wayfarers and we couldn tell the difference, at all.

A. Historically, microscopes, telescopesand new tools for making observationshave led to major discoveries. But better observations do not necessarily lead to discovery. Rated PG 13. 105 minutes. AMC, SAV.. Bob HoffmasterBob NelsonWade BatesSports On AirKFIZ SportsKFIZ SportsTwo young boys playing with matches started a fire in a home at 156 South Seymour Street in Fond du Lac Wednesday night. The fire was in a plastic tote in the basement area. Fire Chief Peter O says there was no structural damage and a resident of the home put the fire out with an extinguisher.

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We checked over all the connections and it still didn’t work. We had Internet connection, or did we? We didn’t. A half hour had lapsed and we were now aware that we had no Internet connection and there was no way we were going to get a cable guy within the hour.

The International Game Fish Association (IGFA) keeps track of all the world records, including the biggest fish in different categories. Bluefin tuna can be caught in different places around the world, but Nova Scotia tends to have the biggest. The largest Bluefin tuna ever caught was landed in Auld’s Cove in 1978.

306 WEST MAGNOLIA ST, AMITE, LA 70422 WRIT AMOUNT: $58,357.38 TERMS: CASH in the form of currency, certified funds or letter of credit, subject to any security interest, mortgage lien, or privilege thereon superior to that of the seizing creditor, to the last and highest bidder WITH the benefit of appraisement and according to law. Amite, Louisiana March 09, 2018 DEAN MORRIS LLP P O BOX 2867 MONROE, LA 71207 0000 (318) 388 1440 DANIEL H. Said Lot 23 of Robinwood Subdivision being more fully set forth in the official plat of said subdivision as registered in COB 509, Page 628, and as per the resubdivision as shown in COB 619, Page 117 of the public records of Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana.

Leduc Truss was established in 1979 and operates a 22,000 square foot production facility supplying roof trusses, open web floor trusses and engineered wood products for use on residential, multi family, commercial and agricultural buildings. The 61 Avenue business produces custom roof trusses, agricultural trusses, wood web floor trusses, trim able open joists, timber connections, engineered floors, and other products. Leduc Truss serves Leduc, the surrounding region and northern Alberta..

But then yesterday all that changed. I should have guessed that this would a case similar to “American Beauty” since the same team Bruce Cohen and Dan Jinks produced it. “Big Fish” comes from that sensibility of high drama, sharply drawn characters, impeccable acting, and very importantly a self contained logic.

Adidas High Topsit could actually stop quite a few UVThat. 6: We have now shed in relation to sun shades so that you can unwittinglySunglasses, there exists so that you can astonishingly an easy task to help lower, you possibly can scuff, on top of that come to be as well as bust. Interior essential due to the fact “consumables” compared to attain high priced objects, make use of complete.

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Dale Earnhardt die cast cars are a good way of paying tribute to the man known as The Intimidator. Earnhardt had a huge role in taking NASCAR from a regional sport into the most watched racing series on the national landscape. He became known for his all out racing style and unparalleled driving skill..

If it has to do with the mechanics of comfort, then you need to figure out why they hurt and either fix them yourself or take them to a shop that will fix them, even if you haven’t bought them there. Our optometrist’s office doesn’t care where you buy your glasses but Dr. A wants to make sure you are wearing them and they fit you properly.

Back in May 2012, Te Puke kiwifruit grower and Horticulture New Zealand president at the time Andrew Fenton wrote that in 1996 successive fruit fly discoveries prompted the introduction of biosecurity x rays for passenger bags and in the next 16 years no more were found. In 2011, the Government stopped x raying all baggage and in May 2012 a fruit fly was found. It’s hard to believe this is a coincidence..

Thanks Jessi. I’d been working on the story since September, but House’s injuries made it difficult to find the right time to run it. I think his background, battle with dyslexia and the friendships he forged in the Packers’ locker room help explain why he felt so compelled to return to Green Bay this year.

The keynote speaker for the event is H. K. Edgerton, an African American activist for Southern heritage and an African American member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. This event will be filled with Halloween based, hands on science activities sure to excite and engage the younger generation, followed by some captivating and explosive demonstrations. This year’s highlights for the children include creating high flying ghostly rockets, racing mysterious floating coffins, and brewing unusual potion solutions. There will also be an.

But now he asked me to sell some earrings and a necklace that his wife inherited. I prefer not to. I don have much display space, plus I don want her jewelry, on which I make nothing, competing with my inventory of estate jewelry. Yes no High definition multimedia interface 🙂 I’m yet to check this selection when i do not have a WIDI ready laptop provided with me at this time, but soon I’ll. Imagine how easy it might be to sit down on the couch and stream your web page or media having a click or perhaps a Key stroke, with no argument its nice. ( Very few TV has this selection built in within the same class ).

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The program brings disaster victims to Hawaii for a little rest and relaxation.”I think it will be good for my son to be able to go outside and play which we cannot do in Fukushima city,” Maeda said.Dozens of survivors landed in Hawaii to meet their host families.Cindy Melim family is taking in Kaori Kozawa and her two children. Apparently, pillow fights need no translation. Both mothers hope their kids will have fun and learn life lessons.”Just really opening up their hearts more and being more generous with themselves and their toys and their time,” Melim said.”Because of the tsunami, they afraid of water.

She created the oceanography component of an educational website calledWhyville, which is especially popular with 8 to 12 year old girls. “It’s a way to reach this often hard to reach demographic,” she says. More than 1.2 million children have participated in Whyville’s oceanography activities where they can explore virtual environments, look at samples under a microscope and ask questions of a real life scientist..

Heading into this evening, clouds return. And rainwill soon follow. By midnight, rain chances are up to 30 and 40 percent. Niskayuna is a family affair for Quinn. His brothers, Evan and John played for the school before heading to the University of Hartford, and Quinn worked the sidelines as a ball boy before putting on the uniform. Now, after one state championship, Quinn has his eyes set on helping his team make a push in 2017.

Vivian lived a life full of family and friendship. She worked hard throughout the years in a variety of jobs. She demonstrated her tremendous work ethic at St. Researchers believe they identified four genes that are responsible for your ability to tolerate pain. In their study, they asked 2,721 people with chronic pain to rate their pain on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the most painful. Researchers then grouped the participants according to low pain, moderate pain or high pain ratings, and identified which genes were more prevalent in each group.

Grant shortly went bankrupt. Users who relied entirely on Grant’s income numbers were unpleasantly surprised. This reminds us that cash flows as well as income statement and balance sheet knowledge are critical in making business decisions.. Through the grant, Irving firefighters will learn the skills needed to repair and service extrication equipment and other essential rescue tools. Extrication equipment is used to more efficiently and rapidly rescue victims trapped in cars, collapsed buildings or other treacherous environments. Without this equipment, it takes longer to rescue accident victims, decreasing their chances of survival..

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The Whitney piece was a radical experiment in dialing art down to almost nothing: simply a white translucent polyester scrim bisecting the open space, extending from the ceiling down to about eye level, with a black painted line on the wall creating the sensation of seeing floating rectangles. Daylight from one of the museum’s trapezoidal windows was the only illumination. The effect, for the receptive observer, was as if the room were separating into its constituent parts..

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable moments of your life and it should be perfect in every way. With so many venues to choose from, we want to make sure that you know all your options. If having a beach ceremony is what you dreamed of, then there is no better place than on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, one of the East Coast fastest growing locations for destination beach weddings..

“Defense Department contracts are a great opportunity for Wyoming’s small businesses, but unfortunately these businesses aren’t always treated fairly during the procurement process,” said Enzi. “Small businesses that play by the rules shouldn’t have to worry that they will lose the bid because of questionable practices, such as changing the bidding requirements at the last moment. By creating an official position to address complaints, this amendment will provide support to protect against unfair bureaucratic practices.”.

Dialogue is the answer.How do you talk to people that only speak of bringing death and destruction to anyone that is not of their faith. I could never in my life have imagined there were people of this nature in this world when I was a 13 year old girl. Now they have children that age fighting and dying for there “cause”.

In order to start getting cheap autoresponder leads that produce actual results, take the time to research a top provider who has access to top internet lead providers. With an established relationship with top lead sources, an autoresponder provider will be able to get you the kind of great leads on a consistent basis that lead to direct sales of your product. Anything less will only be a source of dead ends and wasted time..

Located on renowned Ocean View Drive in the heart of Avon, Beach Blessings sits right across the road from one of the top five beaches in the country. This beach cottage has 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and is located near the walking/bike path, grocery store, and restaurants. Beat the heat after a round of tennis at the Kinnakeet Shores Pool..

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Nothing was missing after someone ransacked an unlocked vehicle parked on the 400 block of South Austin Boulevard between 4:30 pm. June 10. June 9 out of a home on the 300 block of Washington Boulevard. I teach them all the drills which include combinations of punches. If you have watched people training or watch “Rocky” movies, I’m sure you have seen it before. It is a great drill that involves moving your entire body in repetitive motions.

The resolution that passed Monday noted Fulton County departments occasionally utilize services of retired employees on a per diem basis to backfill full time workers who may be absent on benefit time. The ability to pay returning retirees the one year permanent rate was recommended by Personnel Director Theresa Souza as a recruitment tool. The temporary person will work during an extended leave by the senior typist.

It didn go well at all, Miami coach Mark Richt said. Just shows they the class of our league and they the measuring stick. Fell apart in the third quarter with a pair of Malik Rosier interceptions leading to 10 points for the Tigers. “The Government has brought in a new law called the PNDT Act, which has made all this illegal,” he volunteers. “But you don’t worry. Nothing will happen.” Gupta goes on to explain the technique involved in XY separation, even drawing a crude sketch, and claiming a 90 per cent success rate.

“Best turnout in five years,” says a spokesman. So hold your nose and hope that The Scoop on Poop becomes as much of a tradition as Metroboo, Bear Days, Egg Safari, Ball of the Wild, Venom Week, and Feast with the Beasts. As for the last eat up, you productive creatures.

If you’re a fan of nbc’s “this is us” and haven’t yet watched tonight’s episode, youmay want to mute me or turn away for the next 20 30 seconds. If you have seen the episode, you know at the end, producers revealed a major detail about the fire that apparently destroyed the pearson home and led to the death of the family’s patriarch, jack. It was a faulty slow cooker that was given to the family second hand, that catches fire, spreading flames throughout the house.

To top it off, her sister, who was one year older, won the second place in a different category. I was so dazed by Star win that I didn appreciate her sister achievement. Shared another interesting tidbit.. Youth Initiated Mentoring (YIM) is a unique model that matches juvenile justice involved youth with mentors. YIM provides assistance and support to grow acquaintances into mentoring relationships. Instead of recruiting mentors, a match support specialist works with youth to identify an adult who has made an impact in their life.