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At age 11 and with no strings attached, Aidan James is taking the world by storm one strum at a time. Regarded as an ukulele virtuoso and Led Zeppelin of ukulele, this hapa haole superstar was born with an innate ability to string pleasing notes together. At the age of 4, he began taking ukulele lessons at Roy Sakuma Ukulele Studios in Honolulu.

The series has a good pace, which is a testament to the creative team s skill in quickly responding to real time developments. Not knowing if newly discovered evidence is going to lead to anything is risky story telling, as is the possibility that the case may not be solved before the series ends. Viewers need to be invested in the trip the detectives take them on rather than the outcome.

Growing up on our family farm I have been fortunate to be able to work outdoors in the beautiful Okanagan valley. We experience all four seasons here and, even though we do our best to be prepared for the upcoming weather changes, sometimes Mother Nature has her own plans. Well, winter arrived unexpectedly this year.

Even baby potatoes (but steam them a bit first, so they’re cooked through). Virtually any meat works, too. Shrimp, bacon wrapped scallops, lamb, game, pork . PyeongChang will be a chance for Jan Smeekensto take the gold he thought was his four years ago. Smeekens crossed the line in Sochi and saw his name flash across the results board in first place, but was moved into second place moments later, likely the result of a faulty leg responder. In PyeongChang, Smeekens has his chance at redemption.

It appears that cars rule and pedestrians are second class citizens. An above the ground parking garage might be okay for a business along 405 or 116th but not in the middle of a luxury condominium complex. Money talks and Wasatch along with the city of Bellevue have sold out the citizens of the this city and especially those tax payers living at Washington Square.

Q. The retreats are highly nutritious and I am something of a residency junkie. But my son is now five years old, and would not take kindly to such disappearances, and so I am for the moment trying to carve out silence without skipping town. A. Weeds. All premises and exterior property shall be maintained free from weeds or plant growth in excess of 10 (10″) inches (254 mm).

So far we have gone on a glacier cruise, gone to a wildlife conservation center, driven a lot of back roads, and discovered a funky ski town restaurant. Today we are going to ride the tram to the top of the ski area to have lunch. Oh, and we have also gone swimming every day..

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